Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Charger for My Mac book Pro Doesn't Work :(

      As salaamu alaykum and hello lovelies, As you can see from the title of this blog post, my charger to my Macbook is broken. I have all my pending photos for future blogposts on my laptop,without the charger I can't use my lap top and continue with pending posts. All my photos are saved on my laptop and I forgot to drag the photos to my Dropbox. :( In case you are wondering what a dropbox is, it is a awesome app you can download on your devices and use to drop your photos in and access them from all devices even other people's computers by visiting the Dropbox website. You can also open an account online. I think it is an essential tool for bloggers in case you're in a situation like mine. Unfortunately, I didn't drop my photos there so I can't work on my other pending blog posts :( Lesson learned.

For those who have MacBooks,I am sure you can understand my frustration.Apple is all about being innovative when it it comes to technology,but as far as the hardware,it needs major improvement.Their headphones  are poorly made as well and they cost around $30.00. I had my laptop since 09 and I went through three chargers.The first charger that came with the laptop broke years ago.I then purchased another one.That lasted for little over a year.I was forced to buy another one and that lasted for little over a year as well. It recently broke. So now, I have a buy another one. This will be four chargers in four years. To my observation and experience, these chargers life span average between a year to year and a half.I am not happy at all. These chargers are expensive. They retail at $79.99. I read reviews on the Apple  website on the charger, and out of 1,626 reviews, they gave this product one and a half stars. Clearly these people have the same issue as I do. I think they are cheaply made and they do that on purpose.

Keep in mind I had this charger for a little over a year. Look at the condition. Poorly made. People on the Apple website complained about this fraying of the cord in the exact same spot.

  I am sorry for ranting and complaining.lol  In case you are wondering I am posting from my iPad. I prefer my laptop,so I guess this will do for now until my fourth charger arrives. I hope you are all having a better day than me.

   You can consider this post a review as well lol. I give this product a 3/10. 

Have a wonderful day my lovelies ox see you in my next blog post.


  1. So sad to hear about your charger . I have the same trouble when it comes to apple , that's why I recently switched to a samsung galaxy tablet :(
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  2. Same thing happened to me. I hate their chargers and ear plugs. Currently I use different brands of ear plugs.

    1. I use different brand of ear plugs aswell.Apple needs to get it together.

  3. Those charges go so easily, it's so annoying and inconvenient!

    1. It is very inconvenient and exspensive :(

  4. Sorry to hear that you've had so many problems with your chargers. Silly question, but have you contacted Customer Service? Perhaps if you show proof of all your charger purchases they might give you one at a discount or for free. Can't hurt to mention that you're a review blogger ;)

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    Looking forward to connecting further.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  5. That SUCKS! I can totally relate though, although mine wasn't that much. My iPhone 5 charger just completely stopped working. It wasn't torn or anything, just completely stopped charging. I looked at apple and online and people had bad reviews for this type of charger as well. I got the phone the day it came out, but it is still pretty new I'd say. It is ridiculous. $20.00 for a cable that I feel like I shouldn't have to buy if it stopped working on its own!

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love


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