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My Top Five Liquid Foundations and Swatches

Hey guys! For the past few years I have been experimenting with different foundations and trying to match them to my skin. The first few attempts at trying to match my foundation to my skin failed. I either looked like a ghost or I looked like I spent the day in a tropical island. After a few trial and errors, I finally got the hang of choosing the right foundation for my skin tone. I did however got my foundation matched to my skin tone at Sephora and at Mac makeup stands. That helped a lot and I would just match those foundations with the drugstore foundations and it made the process of picking the right foundation much easier. I only use foundations for dry skin and stay far away from matte foundations. Today I am going to show you some of my favorites. 

I know that Loreal True Match Foundation and Cover Girl Stay Fabulous foundation can be drying, but if you have a hydrating primer it will give your skin a dewy more hydrating appearance. If I wear those foundations alone it makes my fine lines and dry patches more noticeable. The reason I wear these it because it feels light weight on the skin and has amazing coverage.

      Since I have dry skin, I moisturize my face and apply a hydrating primer so that the foundation that I am applying looks smooth and dewy on my skin. These steps are a must for me. The purpose of primers is to fill in pores, fine lines and smooth out your skin depending on the kind of primer you use. There are different primers for different jobs.  For example, I use a hydrating primer because my skin is dry. Primers also make sure your foundation last all day and makes your face look flawless.

Loreal True Match Foundation Sun Beige W6- If you are looking for a light weight foundation, then this is a good choice. This can be drying on me at times which is why before I apply this I moisturize my face and apply a hydrating primer on top. Once that all sets I apply the foundation and it glides on my skin and does not make my dry patches show. It doesn't feel heavy on my skin which I love and lasts for most of the day. I am a W6 in the fall and winter months and a w7 during the spring and summer.

The Maybelline Fit me Foundation Dewy And Smooth(310) is a nice drugstore foundation for dry skin. When I applied this after moisturizing and priming my face, It really gave my skin a smooth appearance and has great coverage. It isn't as dewy as I hoped which makes this a good foundation for the summer months because during the summer months your glands produce more oils.

Mac Mineralize Moisture Foundation Nc 42- This a fantastic foundation for dry skin. I have never seen a foundation that give moisture to the skin like this one. It is light to medium coverage and gives the skin a natural look and dewy appearance. I applied moisturizer and hydrating primer and it made my skin a little too shiny. So I didn't apply a moisturizer and just applied a primer and this foundation. I wouldn't wear this in the summer months as it can make me look like a shiny ball. This is my go to for the fall and winter months. If you do wear this in the summer you can apply a translucent powder to your t zones to get the shine under control. I am an Nc 44 in the summer.

CoverGirl OutLast Stay Fabulous 3n1 Foundation 857- If you are looking for a drug store foundation that gives you full coverage and conceals all at once then this one is great. This foundation also can look dry at times on me so as usual I moisturize and apply a hydrating primer. This foundation conceals everything! I love it. It really gives my skin a smooth appearance and covers the redness on my cheeks and around my nose really well. This foundation lasts all day and gives your skin a flawless appearance. 

     Urban Decay The Naked Skin Foundation 7.0- This foundation lives up to its title. This foundation look so natural and light weight on my skin and gives it a dewy appearance.  I love wearing this foundation in the summer months since it is so lightweight. This foundation is light to medium coverage and is comparable to Mac's Mineralize Moisture foundation just a bit less dewy. 


     These foundations must seem that they do not match my skin. Since I am Muslim, I cover everything except for my face and hands. My face gets the most sun exposure so my face much darker than the rest of my body so these foundations match the skin tone on my face. When I apply the foundation I just bring it down to my neck. I tried to match foundation according to my skin tone on my neck to my face and I looked like a ghost lol. I did get my foundation matched at Sephora and at Mac and these were the recommendations for the Mac and Urban Decay foundations. As for matching the drugstore foundations, I would just bring my mac foundation and hold it next to the foundations in the store to see which is a close match.


     There you have guys my top 5 liquid foundations. Again moisturizing especially if you have dry skin is key as well as applying a good primer before foundation application, but the most important beauty tip is taking care of your skin is what really makes your foundation look great. Your skin is your canvas and your foundation will only look great if your skin is maintained. I am still looking forward to trying out more foundations . There is so many out right now that I am dying to try and more and more foundations are gearing toward us dry skins folks which I am excited about.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful!

What are your favorite foundations? If you have dry skin like me what is your go to foundations?
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  1. Great post! We are very similar in foundation shades, I really want to try the urban decay naked skin!


  2. I didn't know you wore a covering of some kind! I also have dry skin, and I really need a better primer. And to moisturize more often. Right now I use the cover girl 3 in one! I want to try some other kinds though.


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