Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Neutral Eyes and Neon Lines Ft. Urban Decay and Tarte Cosmetics

Hey loves! I was feeling creative one day and came up with the fun look. I wanted to use neutral colors with pops of neon which is my favorite eyeshadow combo to do. Hope you like this look. I have more quick looks and products used coming up soon.

In place of the orange I was going to use neon pink, but opted for orange instead.

For extra glam, I added purple glitter on top of the purple liner.

    I am happy with the way it came out. It is fun to add pops of neon to a neutral look. The best part of this look and you can use what ever pops of neon colors you want. Maybe next tike I will use pinks, greens, purples and blue.

Products used:

Eyes: Tarte cosmetics Tartlette in bloom  
            (Firecracker, Rebel, Sweetheart, Charmer, and leader)
Urban DecayCosmetics Electric Palette (Gonzo, Thrash, Slowburn and Gonzo)

Liner: Gonzo(purple) from Urban decay Electric Palette

Glitter: Nyx Face And Body Glitter Brillants in GLI 11 (purple glitter)

Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black 

Waterline:  Maybelline Lasting Drama Water Proof Gel Pencil in Sleek onyx

I had so much fun creating this look! See you loves in my next blogpost!

Maryam ox :)

Monday, August 29, 2016

Loreal Lumi True Match Cushion Foundation Review

Hey guys! I have missed you! I have been gone for a little bit, but I am back now. I have a new addition to the family, so I have been quite busy. Now that things are less hectic, I can slowly come back to blogging again.  Today I am reviewing the Loreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation. I heard great things about this foundation and one of them is that it is good for people who have dry skin like me.  If you are one of them then this might be a foundation worth trying.

Loreal True Match Cushion Foundation retails between $14- $16.99 depending on where you go to purchase it. This foundation is suppose to create a luminous finish and buildable coverage if needed.

I love the rose gold packaging and love the fact that it has a mirror. Perfect to use when on the go.

I am in the shade w5.5 face wise. 


Over All, I really love the Loreal Lumi Cushion foundation. At first I had my doubts, but when I went into labor wearing this for about 12 hrs my skin looked flawless and got compliments from the nurses. :) It feels light weight and made my skin look hydrated. As far as the luminous title, goes it wasn't as luminous as I thought it was. This is still a great foundation for those who have dry skin. This foundation is buildable however, if you have redness in your skin you might want to color correct those problem areas before applying this foundation. I would wear this foundation during the cooler months since this is when my skin is the driest. During the summer months my skin is a bit more oilier, so if your skin is also the case in the summer then u might want to dry for satin foundation and save this awesome foundation for the cooler months. This foundation is a bit pricey for drugstore brand, but worth the results in making your skin look hydrated and flawless.

You can find this foundation at your local drugstore.

Hope you found this review helpful. Do you own this foundation? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below. 

Have a great day and I am happy to be back! See you in my next blog post!

Maryam ox :)

*Product purchase by me*

Friday, February 19, 2016

Life Update: 35 Weeks Pregnant and Exhausted!


      Hey guys hope everyone is well. Lately, I have been falling behind my blog posts and for good reason. I am 35 weeks pregnant and extremely exhausted. I remember in late summer, early fall of last year I went without blogging for about two and a half months because I was too sick and had no motivation whatsoever. In November, I felt better and more like myself and blogged three times a week up until a few weeks ago when my third trimester fatigue kicked in full force.

     I have three beautiful children already and super busy during the day between taking them to school, housework, cooking and ect. By the time night comes the last thing I want to do is blog because I am so tired. I have been busy prepping for my baby's arrival and trying to get things in order. It has been tough tackling all these tasks everyday and gets harder by the week as I get closer to my due date.

     I will not be blogging as much. I want to focus on getting things ready for the baby and resting as much as I can because giving birth requires all my strength and energy. I can't promise a set schedule. If I feel up to it you may see a blog post at least once a week or the most twice. There will be times that I will not blog at all and it doesn't mean I am abandoning my blog. I love blogging and interacting with you guys. Makeup, beauty and this blog is my passion and I will never leave it. I also won't be blogging as much once the baby is here either and probably won't be blogging for weeks at a time.  I will be around reading all of your wonderful blog posts and will be active on Instagram. You can follow me on that link. Instagram is much easier to handle at the moment.

    I am super excited to see my baby and once things are in order I will be back posting reviews and makeup pictorials for you guys. As for what is to come in the future of this blog, well I love art and I want to do more artistic or avant garde makeup looks. I know no one will wear those types of looks on a daily basis, but I love the art behind those types of makeup looks and think it will be fun to create and step out of my comfort zone. I have so many ideas and can't wait to share them. Until then I will see you guys when I can. Thanks for following and reading my blog posts!

                                               You can check out my latest blog post here.

        See you all soon! 

Much love,

Maryam ox :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cut Crease Makeup Look Ft. Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadows

     Hey guys I have been a little MIA which I will explain in my next blog post coming soon! :) I wanted to share my first cut crease makeup look. As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, I am experimenting and having fun trying out different makeup techniques. One of the techniques that is popular in the makeup world especially on Instagram is cut crease makeup looks. A cut crease is creating a sharp crease sort of adding color to the crease and lightly blending it out, but still wanting to create a harsh line. I hope I explained that right lol. This was my first try at creating a cut crease . I think it came out pretty good. I will be practicing some more. Let's get into the tutorial.


*Prime the eyes with eyeshadow primer.
*Take color #1 and apply it to your brow bone. Blend.
*For the crease I color #2. Blend.
*In the inner crease I used color # 3.
*I used color #5 for the lid area leaving only the inner lid with no color. 
*Next I took color #6 and applied it on the inner lid. 
*Add your favorite liquid liner.
I used color #4 and with a  very flat small brush tI drew a line across the crease and then blended upward. I added a bit more brown and blended it just a bit, but not too much.
* I went back to touch up on the lid.
*Add mascara then false lashes if you have any.
*Use your favorite liner on your water line.
*Below the lash line I used color #5.
*To darken up the outer corner below the lash line I added color #4.
*In the inner tear duct I used color #6.
*Add mascara to bottom lashes.

Look Complete!

Finished Look!

     This was my first attempt at a cut crease makeup technique.The crease could have been a bit sharper. Practice makes perfect. I do love the purple shade with the pink shadow in the inner lid to soften the look. Purple and brown is one of my favorite color combos.

  Hope you enjoyed this look and once I perfect the cut crease I will do a step by step pictorial to really show  you how achieve a cut crease.

Take care guys and see you in my next blog post.

Maryam ox

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Skin Care Wish List

My Skin Care Wish List

My Skin Care Wish List by maryamperez featuring Clinique

      Hey guys!  I just wanted to post skin care products that I have been wanting to try. When It comes to makeup application your makeup will only look flawless if your skin is cared for properly. I have heard many great things on all these products and I hope to pick up at least a few of these to add to my skin care routine. I think it doesn't hurt to invest on good skin care products even if some are a bit pricey. I think our skin deserves the best.

GlamGlow dry skin care

Murad face cleanser

Clinique eye care
$32 - selfridges.com

FOREO beauty product

            Do you  own any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!

         See you in my next blog post!

Maryam ox

Monday, February 1, 2016

My Top Ten Neutral Eyeshadows and Swatches

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. In the beauty world there a ton of different neutral eyeshadow palettes and neutral eyeshadow singles that seem to be a long lasting trend. With so many neutral  color options it can be overwhelming choosing which one you like. Today I want to share my top ten neutral eyeshadows that I often use not only for the color and pigmentation, but how well they blend and their staying power. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite neutral eyeshadows. It was hard to choose. ;) Let get started!

In no particular order we have...

Makeup Geek Cosmetics Vanilla Bean

You might be wondering it is a pretty sheer cream shade. At least that is what I thought when I first purchased and swatched it. When I used it as a highlight for my brow bone it added just enough highlight with out it being stark white. Sometimes a little goes a long way and as you can see this color is well loved. 

Urban Decay Basic Eyeshadow Palette- Skimp

Here is another highlight shade great for the brow bone. Unlike the first highlight shade, this one is more opaque and has a bit of a sheen to it which catches and reflect light adding shimmer and a nice subtle glow to your brow bone. 

Makeup Geek Cosmetics-Latte

This color is a light brown color perfect as a transition shade. I love this color because it is soft and really brings a neutral look together helping blending out harsh lines adding a soft look to your neutral makeup. This color is buttery and blend well.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow - #738 
This is not really a shadow but a blush . Most people use it as a shadow and so do I. This color has excellent pigmentation and staying power. I love rusty colored browns to create a warm neutral look. Great color to create a sunset or rusty eye which is what I love and wear the most.  

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette-Milk Chocolate

Name of the color is accurate. This color reminds of a milk chocolate bar. Another wonderful transition shade to tie a neutral look together. The eyeshadow is buttery and has great pigmentation. It also smells like chocolate!

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette-Succumbus

I love burnt brown colors and this one is a nice one to add to any neutral look with out creating an overly warm look. This color is gorgeous! The texture is so velvety and blends well. 

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette-Sytry

     When It comes to a neutral look it is nice to have mid tone brown to darken things up a bit. You can add this on the outer v area of the eye to add depth to your look. Nice pigmentation and staying power. 

Anastasia Beverly Hill Self Made Palette- Hot Chocolate

This color is a perfect chocolate color. I do not own a brown like this. Such a gorgeous color to own and I have been using this color often. Perfect mid tone brown color that has excellent pigmentation, smooth texture and lasts for most of the day. 

Lorac Pro Eyeshadow Palette- Espresso

This color is perfect for smoking out a brown eye. A little goes a long way when using this eyeshadow. Very pigmented and blends well.

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow- M600

     Last and certainly not least is this Make Up For Ever Artist Eyeshadow #M600. It is a nice earthy brown great for the lid and crease. It has great pigmentation and blends well. At times I just apply this color to my lid and blend it up to the crease for a simple neutral look.

   Here is what the swatches look like all together. You must of been thinking while scrolling through the swatches that a lot of the brown shades look the same. They are all very different from each other and are my favorite colors to use when doing a neutral makeup look. If I would have to choose one shade that is my absolute fav that would be  Succumbus from the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette. It is not too orangey or burnt toned which is great to use to add subtle warmth to your neutral makeup.

Hope you enjoyed my top ten neutral eyeshadows. It was definitely hard to choose, but these are what I reach for the most and have awesome texture and blend well.

What are your go to neutral eyeshadow shades? Leave a comment below.

See you in my next blog post!

Maryam ox

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Romantic Halo Makeup Look Ft. Inglot Cosmetics


      Hey guys! Coming at you with another pictorial. I wanted to incorporate a neutral look with a pop of color and what better way to do it with than a nice soft pink eyeshadow color. I am experimenting with different eye techniques and decided to create a halo makeup look. I think this method is a nice way to introduce a pop of color to any makeup look especially a neutral one. I think this color combo creates a romantic vibe and can be used for those who celebrate valentines day. I hope you enjoy this pictorial!


*Prime the eyes with an eyeshadow primer*
*For the Brow Bone I used the cream color in the second palette. Blend.
*In the crease area I used the light taupe beige color from the second palette. Blend
*To darken up the inner crease I used the dusty matte brown in the second palette. Blend
*I added the darker brown nest to the dusty brown to the outer v to smoke up the look a bit. Blend
* I took that same dark brown color and applied over lid except for the mid lid.
* For the mid Lid I add the baby pink color that is in the first palette. I first wet the brush and applied the shadow to give it more color payoff. Carefully blend it into the brown color to avoid harsh lines.
* Take a black eyeliner and apply it over the lid. I wanted to use the eye liner to make the pink pop out more.
*Curl lashes and apply your favorite mascara.
*On the water line I used black eyeliner.
*I wanted to add more of the pink color, so I decided to add the same pink color I used on my mid lid area and applied it below the lash line. Blend.

*On the outer corner below the lash line I used the dark brown in the second palette to smoke up the corners.
* To add a bit of a highlight, I added the pale gold eyeshadow in the first palette and applied it to the inner tear ducts.
*Add mascara to your lower lashes.

Look Complete!

Finished Look!

Such a soft romantic makeup look perfect to wear during the day or night time on a date or if you celebrate Valentine's Day this will go with any outfit. Also, if you are afraid to wear a bold pink look or do not know how to incorporate a pink color into your eye makeup this is a nice way to do it. I decided to add the black eyeliner with a sharp wing to create more drama and the black color from the eyeliner makes the pink pop out more.

Products Used:

Inglot Freedom System Palettes. I custom made these palettes and each eyeshadow retails for $7, but got them on sale during black friday for 30% off. I am all about the sales lol. I always wait during that time of year to purchase the palette.

Inglot Gel Liner # 77 which a is matte black.

Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Mascara in carbon  black.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see you guys in my next blog post.

Maryam ox

Monday, January 25, 2016

Rose Gold Makeup Look Ft. ColourPop's Kathleen Lights Where The Night Is Eyeshadows

       Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Today I am bringing you a pictorial on how to recreate this rose gold makeup look. For the look I used the ColourPop Kathleen Lights Where The Night Is Eyeshadows. You can find my review of these shadows here. You do not have to use these eye shadows. You can always use eyeshadows that are similar in color. I love this look and wear this often. Hope you enjoy this pictorial and give this look a try. :)


*Prime the eyes with eyeshadow primer*

* Apply cream color shadow to your brow bone.
*For the crease I used the burgundy color. Blend.
*I applied the dark olive eyeshadow color in the outer v up to the middle inner crease. Blend.
*I used the beautiful rose gold color and applied it all over the lid first with a synthetic brush, then I applied another layer of color with my finger.
*Use your favorite black eyeliner for the lid.
*Curl lashes and apply black mascara.
*Apply black eyeliner to your waterline.
*I used the burgundy color below the lash line.Blend.
* For the inner tear duct I used the rose gold eyeshadow.
*Apply mascara to the lower lash line.

Look Complete!

Finished Look

     Warm tone colored eyeshadows are colors that I gravitate toward because you can wear them every day and all year round and the compliment my eye color more. The colors remind me of the warmer months which I can't wait for. I am done wit winter! lol

Hope you enjoyed this pictorial and give this look a try!

See you in my next blog post!

Maryam ox

Friday, January 22, 2016

ColourPop X Kathleen Lights Where The Night Is Collection: Review and Swatches

       Hey guys! I am excited about this review because I love ColourPop and their amazing shadows and lipsticks. When I heard that youtuber Kathleen Lights was doing a collab with colourpop I was so excited and knew that I had to buy her collection. I know she came out with a previous collection, but I was more excited for this one because the colors were more my style.  The Kathleen Lights Where The Night Is consist of 4 super shock shadows. Kathleen Light also came out with two lippie pencils and two lippie sticks. If you would like to know more and see swatches and review please scroll down. :)

The Colourpop X Kathleen Lights Where the Night Is Eye Shadow Collection retails at $20.00. Her lip products that go with her collection are sold separately. The lippie stix and lippie pencil retail at $5.00 each. 

I love coloupop's packaging. It is nice and simple.

Look how gorgeous these colors are!! These colors are truly pigmented.


This picture of swatches do not do the colors justice. They are much much much more beautiful in person. 

Telepathy (ultra metallic)- Is a true bright gold. I do not own a color like this in my collection. This color is absolutely gorgeous. It is much more vibrant in person.
Midnight(metallic)- Is a dark olive color. Perfect for smoking up a look by adding it to the outer corners of the eye.
Porter(metallic)- is a burgundy color. 
Weenie(Pearlized) -Is a rose gold color. This color is my favorite in the entire collection. If you love rose gold and are looking a rose gold shadow this is the one to get. I would buy another one of these because it is such a gorgeous color and I do not own a color like this in my collection.

Taurus Lippie Stix and Lip Pencil (matte)- is a true red brown color. I do not own a color like this in my collection. This color is so beautiful. Perfect brown lipstick.

Aquarius Lippie Stix and Lip Pencil(Cream)-  is a light brown nude shade. Depending on your skin tone if you have light complexion it will look more pinky nude and if you have olive and darker complexion it will be more on the light nude side.

These lip products have wonderful pigmentation and go on so smooth. The matte lippie stix in Taurus is not drying at all. Wonderful formula for a matte lipstick.

           As you can tell I love the Kathleen Lights Where the Night Is Collection along with her lippie stix and pencils. She did a wonderful job selecting the colors on everything. The colourpop eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation and stay put all day long with no signs of creasing. When applying the shadows make sure you use a synthetic brush because it picks up the color well. Using your fingers to apply shadow on the lid give greater color payoff . What I do is I apply the color first with a synthetic brush to my lids then apply another coat of eyeshadow with my fingers. As for the lipsticks and pencils they have wonderful color payoff and go on so smoothly onto the lips. I absolutely love colourpop lippie stix. They have wonderful formula and are so affordable. If you do not own any coloupop eyeshadows or lip products the Colourpop X Kathleen Lights Where The Night is Eyeshadow Collection along with her lip products is a good collection to start with. Trust me you will not be disappointed. :) If you do not want to purchase the full collection you can buy the eyeshadows individually.

                                 You can find The Kathleen Lights Where The Night Is Collection here
                    Kathleen Lights Taurus lippie stix and pencil here
                         Kathleen Lights Aquarius lippie stix and pencil  here.

Hope you Enjoyed this review and found it helpful :)

Do you own the Kathleen Lights Where The Night Is Collection? Do you own any ColourPop eyeshadows or lip products? Leave a comment below!

I will have a makeup pictorial using these shadows in my upcoming blog post so keep a look out. :)

See you guys in my next blog post!

Hope everyone who is on the east coast stay safe during the winter storm!

Maryam ox

*Product purchased by me*

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Simple Makeup Looks For Busy Moms

     Hey guys! As a mom of 3 soon to be 4, most of the time I just do not have the time to put on a full face of makeup. I am busy running around taking my kids to school, cooking and doing daily mom chores. At times I look in the mirror and think to my self I look like a zombie lol. Sometimes us busy moms need time to just glam up a bit. Even if it is just to put on lipgloss. A little lipgloss goes a long way and can liven up the face. If you fit in the category of a busy mom or you are just a busy woman than I came up with simple makeup looks that I wear when I just do not have the time for makeup, but want to liven up the face. These looks take no loner than 5 minutes. As a busy mom, five minutes sometimes is all we have. Hope you find these makeup looks helpful and take time to pamper yourself even if it is only for 5 mins. :) 

Simple Makeup Looks For Busy Moms

So let's get into it. As you can see the first picture I have no makeup on. I look tired.lol
In look # 1, I applied mascara and you can see that it livened up my face a bit. I used the Loreal Voluminous Mascara and it gave volume and length to my lashes. Sometimes I would only use this and go out the door.
If I want to add more color to the eye, in Look #2 I would add mascara, neutral color or a pop of color depending on my mood and apply it only to my lid and add eyeliner to my water line.
In look # 3, if I want to add more depth to my look I would simply apply a neutral brown color to my crease, neutral color to my lid, mascara and eyeliner to my water line. 

Using these different simple makeup looks make a difference on the face without having to try to hard. As a mom a full face of makeup is very rare. I try my best to make some time to get glam even if it just means only applying mascara. :)

All these makeup look take about less to no more than 5 minutes.

Lip choices to go with your simple makeup look

     You can pair these simple makeup looks with lipstick or lipgloss or you can skip the makeup and just apply gloss and it will liven up your face. If you want to take an extra step you can take these lip color choices and pick which makeup look to pair it with. If you want a subtle pop of color, the first color starting from the bottom is a nice everyday color to wear. If you want to add more color  without wearing such a bold lipstick color the next three colors that have nice berry tones are nice to wear with or without makeup. If you are into really light nudes like the first color on top, I would suggest wearing the light nude shades of lipstick with at least a mascara or eyeliner or else you will appear to be sick.

Here are the names of the lipsticks and lip glosses. Beautiful everyday shades to wear.

My Makeup picks

These are the products that I used to create my simple makeup looks along with the lipsticks and glosses.

     My go to mascara is the Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black. It does wonders for my lashes giving it volume and length. I always use the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero. It lasts most of the day and I do not have to worry about reapplying it. You can find the eyeliner at Sephora and you can find the Loreal  mascara at drugstores nationwide.

I used this color on my lid. This is the Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in the color Amber.  It is best applied with your fingers. Great pigmentation and beautiful color for everyday wear. You can find this at drugstores nationwide.

     As for the eyeshadow, I used this for my crease and brow bone. If you are looking for an every day eyeshadow palette then this is it. Beautiful neutral shades and if you want to add drama you can quickly pop the black in your outer v area of the eye. Love this palette. You can find this at Sephora or Ulta.

     There you have it. If you are not into makeup there are other ways to take time and pamper yourself, but I chose makeup for the moms who love it, but do not have time to wear it.

     Again, as a mom it is very important to take time for ourselves. Whether it's makeup, facials, reading a book or doing something you love to do. Even if it's only for 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Taking time for ourselves helps us to rejuvenate and get back to tackling the rest of day.

                  Hope you enjoyed the simple makeup looks for busy moms and give them and try and see how it will liven up your face on the days when you feel and look so tired.

Moms and non moms, what is your go to everyday makeup? Leave a comment below.

See you guys in my next blog post!

((Hugs to all the mommies out there)) 


Maryam ox