Saturday, October 26, 2013

EOTD: Blue and Brown Eye shadow

As salaamu alaykum (peace be upon you) and good day lovelies.. I wanted to post my EOTD(eye of the day).  I am lovin the brown and blue color combo. If you are afraid to wear blue eyeshadow alone, pair it with a neutral color. Hope you like!


Products Used

*Sonia Kashuk Neutral Palette*
*Nyx Eye Shadow in Kiss in Casablanca*
*For  Liquid Eyeliner I used Loreal Linear Intense Liquid Eyeliner in carbon black*
*Pencil eyeliner I used Loreal Paris Smoldering Voluminous Eyeliner in black.*

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! 

Maryam ox

Friday, October 25, 2013

Brown Smokey Eye

As salaamu alaykum (peace be upon you) and good day/night lovelies!! Today I am brining you a brown smokey eye look using the Sonia Kashuk Neutral Eye Palette. This is a look I wear often and I love it.  Neutral eye with black eyeshadow intensifies the look and can be worn during the day and is especially appropriate for a night out. I personally wear this either day or night. In addition, I think this makeup look is great or the Fall. :) Hope you like!

Tutorial Time!

*Apply an eyeshadow base or primer all over the lid up to the brown bone and lower lash line if you will be applying eyeshadow there.*

Step 1. Take the color # 6 and apply it all over the lid.
Step 2. Apply  color # 7 and put it on your crease and bring it up to wear your brow bone begins and stop there. Blend it out.
Step 3. I used color # 9 and used it on the inner crease which is the area between your eyelid and your crease area. I am using this color to layer on different shades ,so I can create a pretty transition of browns.Blend.
Step4.For the outer v area , I took the color #12 which is the black eyeshadow to intensify the look creating a smokey eye affect. Blend.
Step 5. I used color # 3 as a highlight for the brown bone. Blend.
Step 6. On the outer corner lower lash line,I used color # 12 and bought the color up to inner lash line. Smudge it out a bit.
Step 7.  I applied my favorite black liquid liner. Then I took the color # 9 and applied it from the mid lash line to the inner corners.
Step 8. Apply your favorite  black mascara and eyeliner and your done!

This the Sonia Kashuk Neutral Eye Palette

 Finished Look

Hope you liked my brown smokey eye makeup look. Have a great weekend lovelies!!
Stay safe!

Maryam ox

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bath And Body Works Mini Candle Haul

As salaamu alaykum(peace be upon you) and hello my lovelies! How is everyone today? Another reason why I love the Fall is the candles that Bath and Body Works comes out with. I love their Fall scented candles. It really gets me in the mood for the Fall season. I purchased the three wick candles last weekend and the mini candles I had since last winter and have yet to use them. I decided to include them in this mini haul.

Marshmallow Fireside- I read many great reviews on this candle and decided to purchase it. This candle has a sweet scent of marshmallows and vanilla,but at the same time has a smell of wood burning.(I suck as describing scents) lol It also smells like sweet men's cologne. It fills my entire home. I love it. My brother smelled this candle and he really liked it. 

Pumpkin Cupcake- When I saw the name of this candle I knew it would smell great and it does. Perfect sweet combo of pumpkin scent and cupcakes baking fills my home making it smell like a bakery.I absolutely love this candle. 

Frosted Cranberry Mini Candle- The smell of this candle reminds me of a scent from my childhood during holidays. I think its the perfect holiday scent and it smells sweet like candied cranberries.

Cranberry Pear Bellini- I also read great reviews on this candle. It smells like a light cranberry punch. It has a very sweet and pleasant smell.

Hope you enjoyed this mini haul. I can't wait for Bath and Body works to come out with their holiday candles. I  had the frosted cinnamon bun candle and it smelled so good I wanted to eat it loll. I hope they bring back that candle. 

Take care everyone and see you in my next blog post :)

Maryam ox

Monday, October 21, 2013

*Review*- Too Faced Tan With Out The Twinkle Chocolate Soleil Bronzer And Kabuki Brush

 As Salaamu alaykum lovelies!! I missed you guys and I missed blogging. I am all settled now from my holiday trip.I know I was suppose to blog a few days back after I was settled,but I felt so tired as well. I needed a mini break.I am happy to be back. :)) Ok so today/tonight I will be reviewing the Too Faced Tan Without The Twinkle Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and Flat Kabuki Brush. I wanted to try out more bronzers.

Too Faced Tan Without A Twinkle Chocolate Soleil And Flat Kabuki brush retails at $15(.08oz).It is paraben free and vegan friendly. This bronzer is matte so for those who do not like shimmer in their bronzers, you might want to check this one out.

Smell(Smells Like Chocolate!!)
Brush(very soft)
Paraben free
Vegan Friendly

My only complaint is that I think the color in the package is lighter when you apply it..It is still a pretty shade ,but I feel you have to pack on the product to see results, especially if you have tan or olive skin like me. 

Kabuki brush is super soft.

The shade looks really dark in the package ,but applies a lot lighter.

It is almost the same color as my skin,but it still has a nice light shade to it. 


Over all,  I think the Too Faced Tan Without A Twinkle Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is really nice. When I applied it on my face I was afraid of it being too dark.It actually is a very nice shade and is build able if you feel it is too light for your skin tone. The bronzer smells just like chocolate.. If it was edible I would eat it. It smells that good lol. As for the Kabuki brush, it is incredibly soft. I enjoyed putting the bronzer on my face with the brush because the bristles are so soft! I love this kabuki brush and will use it every time I apply bronzer. 

Hope you found this review helpful. I seriously missed you guys and super happy to be back!

Do you own this bronzer? What do you think about it?Leave a comment below!

Have a wonderful day lovelies!!

You can find this product at the Too Faced Cosmetics website.

Maryam ox

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hello! I am back ! :)

 Asalaamu alaykum(peace be upon you) and hello lovelies!! It has been awhile since I last did a blog post. I have been away enjoying islamic holiday, but I am back!  I still have to settle down and then I will be back to doing what I love to do. I miss you guys and I hope to have a blog post up by sometime tomorrow. :) Have a great day everyone!

 Maryam ox

Friday, October 11, 2013

Super Late Summer Haul Part 2

Hello my lovelies, here is part two of my super late summer haul. I went wetnwild crazy in this one. The makeup is so affordable how could I not splurge lol. Yea I know a makeup addicts excuse lol. Hope you enjoy this haul :)

The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented. I was surprised. The pigmentation is better than some of the current high end eyeshadows out. My favorite out of the three is Comfort Zone. 

I love the trios. It is small enough to have in your purse. The pigmentation  is decent as well.

I love the blushes!!! My favorite out of the two is Pearlescent Pink.

I swatched it once. It seems pretty. I have yet to try it on my face. I wanted to buy more bronzers and I heard nice things about this one, so I decided to pick this one up.

I forgot to include this free gift  that I got from Ulta in my Super Late Summer Haul Part 1. They had a deal where if you spend I think it was $35 or $50 and you get this beautiful bag filled with goodies for free.

Free Gift from Ulta from my Super Late Summer Haul Part 1.

I love how its pink and has a gold dots. Very Pretty.

There you have it lovelies hope you enjoyed this blog post :)

Have a great day everyone!

Maryam ox

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Review-L'oreal Paris LaLaque and Le Matte Colour Riche Lip Crayons

As Salaamu alaykum and hello lovelies! I am excited to review the L'oreal Le Matte and LaLaque Colour Riche Lip Crayons. I have searched everywhere online and I could not find them. I even looked on the L'oreal website and they didn't have these. I made a trip to Target one day and they did not have these displayed. I finally went to Rite-Aide one day and ureeka! I found them. I was so excited. I picked up the ones that were left. I was hoping to find the pinks and red shades, but they were sold out :( I quickly snatched these and happily purchased them last weekend. I am hoping to find the rest some where else. Like I said  in my previous blog posts ,when it comes to limited edition makeup I have to have it :) Ok enough rambling and let's get into the review.

The L'oreal Le Mattes and Lalaque Colour Riche Lipstick retails at $7.99 each. All together in their line there are four Lemattes and Four LaLaques lipcrayons.


No Matte-R What -is a brownish beige color.
Matte-R Fact- is a wine color.
I Lacque You Alot -is an orangey red color.
Never Lacque_Ing -is a soft pink mauvey color.

Easy to apply
La Laques are moisturizing and give your lips an awesome shine.

Lemattes is drying
Amount of Product(Very Little)
The names ff the lip crayons.(Very cheesy) lol

LOreal Paris LeMatte Review

 When I first applied the Loreal ParisLematte Colour Riche Lip Crayon , they went on really easily and smooth. My advice if you do purchase the  L'oreal Lemattes Lip Crayon,is that you exfoliate your lips first because the le matte lipstick crayons will make that apparent. The lematte lip crayon will also make visible your fine lines and settle in between them after awhile. The longer I had the Loreal LeMatte Lip Crayon on, the more drying it felt on my lips. Out of the two  Loreal Paris  Lematte  Colour Riche Lip Crayon that I purchased, my favorite one was the wine color one called Matte-R Fact. I love the color. It is the perfect Fall color and very pigmented. The other Lematte lip color called No Matte-R What which is a brown and beigey color, is not very pigmented. It was too close to my skin color which gave my lips a pale and washed out appearance.

Loreal Paris LaLaque Colour Riche Lip Crayon Review

I love love love the Loreal Paris  LaLaque Colour Riche Lip Crayon. I love it so much that I would purchase extra ones before they sell out for good. The formula is amazing. When I applied in on my lips,I couldn't believe the pigmentation and the lipgloss shine that it had. It is very moisturizing. My only complaint is that when the color does start to fade,it starts fading from the corners of your mouth. I noticed this after I ate chicken pasta for lunch yesterday. The color was still very much pigmented. It has a stickiness to it, but does not feel heavy on your lips.Since it has a sticky texture your hair will get caught on your lips.

Over All, I think the L'oreal Le Mattes and LaLaque Colour Rich lip line is great. I do prefer the lalaques over the lemattes. My only complaint is the price is a bit expensive because there is not much product. If this was in lipstick form then I wouldn't complain because lipsticks have more product. It would be great if L'oreal Paris came out with a lalaque lipstick line. Then I would be all over that lol.  The Le Mattes lip crayons are ok. They apply on smooth, but dry up quickly on your lips settling in your fine lines. If you didn't exfoliate your lips prior, the lip crayon will make that apparent.

 I am still going to be on the hunt for the rest. I would like to repurchase the LaLaque called Never Laque-Ing which is the mauvey pink color. That color is gorgeous!!! 

Well I hope you found my review helpful. Do have have any of these? How do you like it? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

Until next time lovelies!

Maryam ox

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Day and Night Time Skin Care Routine

As salaamu alaykum lovelies. I wanted to share with you my day and night skin care routine. It is pretty simple in the sense that I really do not use much products. I feel these products work well together to keep my skin looking clear, clean and keep pimples from popping up and saying hello on my face :)

Day Time Skin Care Routine

For my day time skin care routine, I start off with using Bath and Body Work's Tea Tree Facial Cleanser.This is the last thing I do in the shower. I apply this while in the shower because the hot steam  from the shower opens up your pores. Then I rinse with cold water to close my pores. 

I use the St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub three times a week in the morning while in the shower as well. Scrubs are important because they remove dead skin leaving your face soft and smooth.

Afterwards, I apply Cetaphil moisturizing cream on my face. I have dry skin so this excellent for that. This cream doesn't make my face breakout which is another reason why I love cetaphil.

Night Time Skin Care Routine


As for my night time skin care routine, I start off by removing makeup from my eyes using a makeup remover. Next, I take the Cetaphil facial cleanser lather in up on my face ,wait a minute or two and rinse. If there is still makeup from my eyes after rinsing, I use a bit more makeup remover to take the rest of the makeup from my eyes.  I then apply clean and clear's deep cleansing toner for sensitive skin all over my face. This helps get rid of any foundation residue that I have left over. Lastly, I apply my go to facial moisturizer cream which is Cetaphil. 

Usually I will switch up products and take away an acne cleaner and substitute it with a different one. I never apply acne medication cleansers twice on my face everyday  
because it will make the my face even more dry and cause my skin to peel.

My father recently got me vitamin E gel capsules, so I may add that to my night time skin care  routine by poking a small hole in the capsule and applying a small amount on my face before bed or mix it with the cream. I will let you know how that works out.

There you have it lovelies. Hope you enjoyed my day and night skin care routine!
What is your skin care routine? If you have a blog post talking about your skin care routine leave your link so I can check it out!

Have a great day! 

Maryam :) ox

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

*Super Late Summer Haul Part 1 *

As salaamu alaykum and hello lovelies! This post has been long overdue. I  purchased all these items in the summer. I never got a chance to do haul blog post. lol My goal was to post this back in July/August and I never made it. Now it's Fall. Better late than never! lol I want to share with you the goodies that I got from Ulta and Walmart. 

Ulta Haul:

This haul consisted mostly of lipsticks. I was really never into lipsticks until recently, which was  around the end of last year. Now I am a lipstick junkie :)

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks.  Left to Right:Berry Couture,Berry Haute,Fuschia Shock,Prime Rose, Mauve It Over and Rose Velvet. 

I love these lipsticks.I wanted to purchase more neutral and more berry shades. I won't go into detail on these lipsticks because I plan on doing a full review.

Left to Right:Lasting Finish by Kate in 06, Revlon Color Burst Lip butter in Fig jam
Fig Jam in such a great color for the Fall. It doesn't apply that dark on your lips. It is more of a  wine color.

Left to Right:Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fuchia Fever, Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Vivid Rose.  

These are great lipsticks for the summer.I love vibrant and colorful lipsticks.

I have yet to try the pigments. I tried the maybelline color tattoo in Tough as Taupe. I only used it once. I think it is ok. I would have to play with it more to give you a full review.

Walmart Haul:

This haul was mostly for the face.I had to sneak in a lip product or two. :)

Left to right: Lasting Finish by Kate in 12, Lasting Finish by Kate in 109 and Maybelline Baby lips in Fruit Punch

These Kate Moss Lipsticks are nice shades for the Summer. I will also being doing a review on the Lasting Finish by Kate review lip sticks, so stay tuned for that :)

As you can see my foundation powder came shattered, and this is the replacement from the first one I received. *advice* Never order makeup from Walmart online* It was thrown in the box with a bunch of brown paper. -_- 

I had purchased this foundation before, but the other foundation was a tad too light for my skin tone, so I purchased this one. I love love love this foundation.

I saw a whole bunch of youtube beauty gurus rave about this and decided to purchase one. I understand why they were raving about it. It is a great concealer.

I purchased this because I saw one of the beauty gurus itsjudystime use it and I thought it was pretty. It's ok. Is is more of a luminizer than a blush to me. Still has a pretty shimmer to it.

That's it loves! My Super Late Summer Haul Part 1.  I hope I can get up part two of my super late summer haul this week. Hope you enjoyed this haul. 

See you in my next blog post!

What is your favorite product from my haul. Do you have any of these products? Leave a comment!

Have a great day/night! 

Maryam ox

Sunday, October 6, 2013

September Favorites 2013

As salaamu alaykum and hello lovelies.This is my first monthly favorites post. Yay! lol. I know I am late since its already October,but better late than never :) Surprisingly some of my September favorites are not makeup. lol I really enjoy reading these posts and I hope you enjoy mine. Let's get to it.

WetnWild in Bare It All has been my go to nude lipstick for the month of September. It is the perfect nude shade for me. If you don't have this lipstick you need to get it lol. The best part is that it's affordable and the pigmentation of this lipstick is excellent. I think this lipstick is better than some of the high end lipstick nudes.

Nyx Glitter Liquid Liner in gold is so pretty. It really compliments your eye makeup and adds character to it . I have used it in one of my makeup tutorials which you can see here.

I have used this mascara in my makeup tutorials last month. It really makes your lashes look like falsies.I few coats and Bam! You have va va voom lashes lol. It's great.

The Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil In Milk. This makes a terrific base that makes your eyeshadow colors pop. I have used it all last month for my eye makeup tutorials. It is a must have for your makeup collection.

Lumene Waterproof Makeup  Remover is really great and gets the job done.Takes off eye makeup  as well as lipstick effortlessly. Once this finishes, I am going to purchase it again. You can read my review here.

Freeman Facial Clay Mask Avocado and Oatmeal- I rediscovered this last month after neglecting it.  Happy to have found it again. I love how this makes my face feel afterwards. You can read my review on this facial mask here.

Wild Berry Tulips Spray and Lotion by Bath and Body Works- I had purchased this in the Summer. I love how this smells. It smells of berries, but not over powering. Like a berry perfumey smell. After it fades and has a soft scent. It is lovely.

Glade Apple Cinnamon- During the Fall season I loooove to burn this scent.I love the smells of apples and cinnamon. It makes the house smell lovely and makes it feel homey in the sense that I remember smelling these scents when I was a kid. I also like pumpkin scents as well as sweet scents that smells like cake or cinnamon roll is baking in the oven. 

Glade Spray Salted Caramel- smells to me like caramel candy. My hubby doesn't like it loll. At first I didn't like it either, but it grew on me. After the spray settles it end up smelling like something sweet was baking. I like it.

Flipz Milk Chocolate Pretzels has been my snack obsession last month. It is the perfect balance of sweet and salty goodness. I have to admit while I took this photo I was snacking on them loll. If you haven't tried these then you must. You will love it.

Welp my lovelies there you have it my September Favorites of 2013. This was fun to do. Hope you enjoyed it. 

What were your favorites for the month of September leave a comment below or if you have done a September Favorites blog post, leave your link so that I can check it out. :)

Enjoy your day!

Maryam ox