Monday, November 30, 2015

Mermaid Pearls Makeup Look Ft. Urban Decay Vice 4 Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys hope everyone is well. Today I am bringing you a pictorial featuring the Urban Decay Vice 4 Eyeshadow Palette. I had such a tough time choosing looks to create because there is so many color to choose from in this palette and I didn't want to create another fall look as much as I love autumn. I wanted something more colorful, but not over the top so I created this look using neutral and colorful eyeshadows to balance each other out. Hope you enjoy this pictorial and give it a try :) 


*Prime the eyes first*

Next take the burnt brown color called Bitter and apply it to the crease area and blend.
Once you have it blended out apply the dark brown color called Delete to the outer corner of the eye and into the crease midway. Do not forget to blend. 
Take the cream color eyeshadow and apply it to the brow bone. Blend.
For the outer lid I used the color C- Note. I felt it wasn't green enough so 
I then took the color called Grasshopper and applied it on top of the previous color.
For the middle of the lid I used the color Fastball. Blend carefully with the green to avoid harsh lines.
Next I applied the lilac color called Hartlot to my inner lid up to the tear duct. Gently blend with the color Fastball to avoid harsh lines.
Apply your favorite black eyeliner.
Then apply your favorite mascara.
Finally apply black eyeliner to your water line.

 Finished Look

    This is one way to use neutral and colorful eyeshadows together and if you are afraid to create an all colorful look.  

Hope you enjoyed this pictorial and there will many more coming soon :) 

Take care and stay safe! 

See you in my next blog post. :)

Maryam ox

Friday, November 27, 2015

Urban Decay Vice 4 Eyeshadow Palette -Review and Swatches

Hey guys! When it comes to this time of year all the makeup companies rush in getting out the palettes for the holidays. There is one makeup company that never disappoints during this time of year and that is Urban Decay. Their eyeshadows are known for their pigmentation and their eyeshadow neutral eyeshadow line called Naked. Recently, they are going back to their roots and brining back colorful eyeshadow that urban decay was known for in the early years of their company. The colors in the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette was inspired by their vintage eyeshadow called oil slick. Is this Urban DecayVice 4  palette consistent with their previous vices palettes? Scroll down for my review and swatches! 

The Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette retails for $ 60.00 and contains 20 brand new eyeshadows ranging from matte, frosty, metallic to shimmery shades. Also comes with a full mirror, dual ended brush and bag.

A nice case with holographic design that stores the palette or can be used as a makeup bag.

I love the design of the palette and how the outside design is slightly raised creating a 3D effect. 

The color Flame really stands out in this photo and is one of my favs.

Palette comes with a synthetic dual ended brush.


Stand out colors are: 


Over All, I think the Urban Decay Vice 4 is every makeup lovers dream. The pigmentation of the eyeshadow does not disappoint and pack on vibrant and opaque colors to the eyes. However, some colors like Flame, Low and Crowbar  create a lot of fall out. When I created a look using one of these colors my face looked like a disco ball lol. So my advice before applying any of these colors is to do your foundation last. Rather than that the eyeshadows are smooth and pack on a powerful color punch. The casing is absolutely beautiful and the mirror is huge. As for the dual ended brush I do not care for. The palette is thin, but I wouldn't take it with me for traveling just for the fact that their are a lot of colorful eyeshadows and not enough neutral colors while away. For not traveling I think this palette is wonderful to create colorful and artistic looks, or you can pair these beautiful colors with a neutral shade in the palette for a  pop of color. For all the makeup lovers who love to create colorful looks then the Urban Decay Vice 4 is the eyeshadow palette to own.


This is Limited Edition so grab it fast!

Hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful.

Stay safe everyone much love,

Maryam ox

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall Neutral Makeup Look Ft. Lorac Mega Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Hey everyone! I just can't get enough of fall and decided to do one more look inspired by my favorite season. I created this look using the Lorac Mega Pro 2  EyeshadowPalette. You can check out the review I did here.  I decided to create neutral everyday gold look which is inspired by the golden leaves of autumn.  This is also a nice subtle look for the holidays. Hope you enjoy the pictorial/tutorial.

Beauty tip: Always add primer and blend in between applying eyeshadow colors.

For the crease I used the color Burlap. Blend
Next I applied the color Saddle and applied it to the inner crease and outer corners of the eye. Blend
For the lid I used the color Penny .
Then I applied liquid liner to my eyes.
I took my favorite black mascara and applied it to my lashes.
For the lower lash line I used the color Saddle and applied it half way.
Then I used the color Tangerine and applied in the middle for a subtle pop of color.
Afterwards I took the color Gold Leaf and applied it to the inner tear duct.
I used black eyeliner for the water line.
Done! :)

Finished look!
     I love how the gold is subtle and is not overpowering. This is one of my fav looks that I have done using gold. Gold never goes out of style and is wonderful to wear all year round as well ;)

Hope you enjoyed this look and see you in my next blog post!

Maryam ox

Monday, November 9, 2015

Lorac Mega Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. Today I am bringing you one of the palettes to get this holiday season  called the Lorac Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette. Last year Lorac Cosmetics came out with the Lorac Pro 1 which sold out in one day. If you didn't get your hands on the first one, then you should grab this one before it sells out. The Lorac Pro 2 comes with a range of colors coming in shimmer and matte finishes. Lorac never disappoints when it comes to the pigmentation of their eyeshadows. Is the Lorac Pro 2 worth getting? and is the pigmentation consistent with their other  Lorac Pro eyeshadow palettes? Let's find out.

The Lorac Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette retails for $59.00 (205.00 value) and comes with 16 matte and 16 shimmer eyeshadows ranging from warm to cool tone colors.

A close up of these beautiful eyeshadows. The mirror flops down so you will need to support it when applying your makeup.

Swatch time!

This picture shows that you must be careful when dipping your brush. Since the eyeshadows are so velvety they can kick up a lot of product. My advice is to gently dip your brush and tap off the excess eyeshadow before applying it to your eyes to avoid fallout.

My review/thoughts

Is the Lorac Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette worth getting? The answer is an absolute yes! Price wise you get so much for an affordable price. It is like getting two lorac pros in one. For $59? You can't beat that.  Does the cheap price affect the quality of the eyeshadows and is the pigmentation consistent with their other lorac pro palettes? The answer to the first question is no and the answer to the second question is yes. The pigmentation is the same and the eyeshadows are velvety soft and because of this  if you dip your brush it does kick up a lot of product so be gentle. The pigmentation is wonderful and the matte eyeshadows are so soft and not powdery at all. However, some colors you have to pack on. If you are working with some of the lighter matte eyeshadows like the lilac shade, you might want to use a white base as well with matte shades that have color to make them more vibrant. The eyeshadows blend wonderfully and they lasted on me for about 7 and half hours and were still going strong with no creasing. The eyeshadows are a tad smaller than the first lorac pro 1, but I mean there is so much eyeshadows there is no way you will finish this palette. This is one of the must have eyeshadows palettes to own in my opinion. It would also make a great gift and put a big smile on any makeup lovers face. Grab it while you can because this palette is limited edition.

This palette is exclusively sold at Ulta.

Do you own this palette? Will you be getting it? Leave a message down below in the comments section.

Hope you enjoyed this review and see you guys in my next blog post!

Maryam ox

*Product purchased by me*

Monday, November 2, 2015

Cinnamon Spice Fall Makeup Pictorial Ft. Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys! Today I will be bringing you another fall makeup tutorial using Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix Eyeshadow Palette. You can check out my review of it here.  Fall is about pumpkin and cinnamon apple flavors and colors. So I decided to create a look called cinnamon spice since cinnamon is my favorite flavor during the fall. I wanted to incorporate cinnamon colors with a hint of orange to showcase some fall colors. This has been my go to Fall makeup. Hope you enjoy and like my pictorial. :)

Detailed step by step instruction on how I achieved this look.

1. My new technique has been applying eyeshadow on the crease first and apply eyeshadow on the lid last so the lid color will not get washed out during the makeup process.  Apply the bright orange color to your crease and blend.
2. On the brow bone apply the cream colored eyeshadow and blend.
3. Apply the burgundy color to your outer corner up to your inner crease and blend.
4. Next, take the same bright orange eyeshadow and pat that all over the lid. For this color before applying I applied a white base to make the color more vibrant.
5. Take your favorite black eyeliner or a glitter gold eyeliner and apply it on your lid.
7. Use a black mascara for your eyelashes.
8. For your lower lash line apply the burgundy red color up to the middle of your lower lash line.
9. Take the bright orange and apply to the middle lower lash line and stop before the tear duct.
10. I used the light gold eyeshadow and applied it to my tear duct. 
11. Use a black eyeliner for your waterline.

All done!

Finished Look

These are my favorite colors to wear during the fall months. Hope you enjoyed this pictorial and hope you give this look a try. 

Stay safe and warm everyone! See you in my next blog post.

Maryam ox