Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Berry Parfait Review and Swatches

Hey guys! Today I will be reviewing the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Parfait Berry. This is my first time trying a blush from Too Faced Cosmetics and I have to say their packing is so cute! I am also quite pleased with the pigmentation as well. Scroll down for my full review as well as swatches!

The Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush retails for $30.00. This is a baked blush that adds the perfect flush to your cheeks. You can use each shade individually or combine the three colors for a custom shade. 

The packaging is cardboard and absolutely cute! Gold and pink packaging is gorgeous!

I can never say no to a pretty pink blush and this one has three pink shades! Love it.

As you can see this blush comes with three different colors that you can use or you can swirl your blush brush in all three colors to create your own shade.


The first three are the individually blush color swatches. They are different tones of pink with the last one being more of a berry toned color. The last swatch is what the blush looks like when all three colors are mixed together.


Pigmentation: Has great pigmentation.
Texture: feels smooth and fine but not powdery if that makes sense :)
Longevity: 6-7 hours of wear
Blendability: Blends like a dream.
Pricing: Expensive

Over all, I love love love the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Berry Parfait. It delivers the perfect flush of color to your cheeks and is buildable. It lasted for about 6-7 hours on me before I had to touch up. This baked blush blends beautifully onto the cheeks. The colors have a hint of sparkle in them, so when wearing this you might want to skip out on the highlighter for the cheeks. My only complaint about the blush is the pricing. I think $30 is too much for a blush. When I purchased this blush it was on sale at Ulta for only $15, so I jumped on the opportunity and purchased this blush. I regret not getting the other shades. I think this blush is wonderful. 

If you do not want to shell out $30 on a blush, I recommend milani blushes as great alternatives. I believe all the shades in this blush milani has dupes for. Your welcome! :)

You can purchase the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush at Ulta, and Sephora.

Hope you found this review helpful and see you guys in my next blog post!

Maryam ox

Product purchased by lil ol me :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Zakia's Morroco Ghassoul Clay Mask Review

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Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Today I will be reviewing Zakia's Morroco Ghassoul Clay Mask. Clay is very beneficial to the skin and hair. If you are looking for a mask to unclog the  your pores and is affordable then this might be just what you are looking for. Please scroll down for pictures and my full review and thoughts.

Zakia Morroco Ghassoul Clay Mask retails for $19.00.  According to Zakia's Morroco, the Moroccan Ghassoul Clay Mask contains natural and organic clay from deep inside the Ancient Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  The Clay Mask is perfect skin treatment for cleaning, detoxifying, toning and rejuvenating. A facial mask treatment made from Ghassoul clay can be relaxing and give your skin a new healthy glow. Ghassoul clay's most impressive properties in skin improvement are its capacity of absorption and adsorption due to its high level of ion exchange. Ghassoul is a mineral rich, light brown clay that blends extremely well with water making its application to the face and skin a smooth and delightful experience. Use on skin and hair - it even makes for a fabulous shampoo; mix a small amount of powder in your favorite shampoo - wash and rinse. 

Directions: Use a small amount that will be enough to cover your face and mix it with a little bit of water. If you put too much water just add a bit more clay. Make sure the consistency is thick and creamy.
 Wait about 2- 3 mins until the clay absorbed the water. Add more water if it is still too thick.

Once you have the desired consistency apply a thin layer all over your face and leave it on 15- 20 minutes depending how thick you made your mask. 

Rinse with warm water.

After your face is dried up, apply your favorite moisturizer.


I really like the Zakia's Morroco Ghassoul Clay Mask. Mixing the powder was easy. Once mixed I applied it over my face and it went on so smooth. I really liked the consistency of the mask. I left it on for about 20 minutes. I felt my skin tighten up a lot and it was a bit itchy when it started to dry. My advice is leave it on, but don't leave it until it is really dry. This mask does an excellent job at removing impurities, so leaving it for too long might make your skin red after you rinse. I have sensitive skin and this was the case with me. After a few applications of the mask, I didn't leave it on as long as the first time and my skin experienced no redness. I loved how soft it made my skin feel and it looked a lot more clean and fresh looking. The Zakia's Morroco Ghassoul Clay Mask is a affordable clay mask that does just a good of a job of removing impurities from your skin as most named brand clay masks that are out in the beauty market. Also, this mask is made with natural ingredients and can be used as a shampoo as well as a mask for your entire body. I love it and this will come in handy for the summer months.

You can purchase this products along with other products of Zakia's morrocco at http://www.zakiasmorocco.com.

Hope you enjoyed this review guys and see you in my next blog post!

Maryam :)