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Sobo Skin Care- Age Smoothing Eye Serum Review

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Hello my lovely readers! Today I will be reviewing an Age Smoothing Eye Serum by Sobo Skin Care. We do not notice it, but when we are busy with our everyday lives the outside elements can affect our skin as well as stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition. These factors can make us look tired which can create puffiness, dark circles and dryness under our eyes. Furthermore, with aging comes dry skin and appearance of fine lines. The best way to combat these problems is by moisturizing our skin and eating healthy. For those that are not the best at eating healthy, the Age Smoothing Eye Serum might be a quick solution to your under eye problems. 

Sobo Skin care's Age Smoothing Eye Serum retails at $42.00. According to Sobo Skin care, this product is a siliconed based moisturizer that protects the skin around the under eye area from  puffiness, dryness and harmful elements that can contribute to a tired appearance.  This product also has a collection of essential lipids which accelerates healing, promotes the production of healthy skin cells and provides protection after medical procedures such as microdermabrasion and laser therapy. Sobo Skin Care's Age Smoothing Serum is all natural, hypoallergenic and is perfect for all skin types. 

Comprehensive Organic lipid complex containing natural cholesterol, organic ceramides, glycoceramides work to help hydrate,reduce puffiness, and protect the skin while promoting healing and regeneration.

Ceramides are naturally occurring skin lipids that help the skin retain moisture that is often lost as we age. These ceramides replenish the skin lipids leaving  skin looking smooth and supple. 

Sobo Skin Cares Product Contains:
No Parabans
No Gmos
No Synthetic dyes
No synthetic fragrances
No Tricolsan
No animal testing

Quick Drying
Comes in a pump
Sturdy packaging
All Natural


The packaging or bottle itself is simple, well made and very sturdy. If you drop it, it won't break.  As for the clear top it did break thanks to my one year old.

I like the fact that this product comes in a pump so you can control how much product comes out.
 Second picture: The product seems to be a bit runny.
Third picture: When you apply it,  it has a greasy texture. 
 Fourth picture : Product drys up completely with no greasy residue.

My final thoughts/experience

Over All, I really like this Sobo Skin Care's Age Smoothing Eye Serum. It really did moisturize my under eye area and kept it looking smooth and refreshed. It is a great product if you have mature skin,  have dark circles and suffer from dry under eye area. When I first applied Sobo Skin Care Age Smoothing Eye Serum, it felt greasy and I was afraid it would leave a greasy residue under my eye area and break out my skin, but it did not. It applies greasy, but drys up. What I also love about this product is that it is all natural. I recommend this product if you are suffering from dry, tired and puffy looking eyes. Since I am a mother, it helped my tired eyes look more alert and made my maturing skin around my under eye area look more youthful, moisturized and healthy looking.

You can purchase the Age Smoothing Eye Serum  at http://www.soboskincare.com/product-p/anti-aging-eye-serum.htm
Check out Sobo's other products at soboskincare.com

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Hope you  enjoyed this review and  see you lovelies in my next blog post :)

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  1. This looks really cool, I had never even heard of the brand Sobo, Im glad its working for you and it looks intriguing!


  2. Thanks for visiting hun.! it helps with my dark circles. I love it.


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