Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash Inspired Makeup Ft. SugarPill + Coastal Scents

Hey guys! Hope everyone is well. I am really excited about this blog post because I haven't done a makeup look on my blog in a longtime. I had so much fun creating this look and I was inspired by one of my daughter's favorite cartoon called "My Little Pony". If you are a mom, have nieces or baby sisters, then you know how popular this cartoon is. I stumbled upon her my little pony coloring book  and thought this would be fun to create a makeup look from one of the my little pony characters. I asked her which one would you like me to do a makeup up look on and she chose rainbow dash. I was hoping she would choose that one. :) I used colors from rainbow dash's character and incorporated into this makeup look. It is fun and colorful sure to brighten up the long winter days. Hope you enjoy the tutorial/pictorial! 


I used the Sugar pill eyeshadow palettes and coastal scents 88 matte palette to create this look. You can use any eye shadow palettes or eyeshadows with the same colors to achieve this look. These are steps in pictures... Scroll down to the tutorial to get step by step instructions.. Enjoy!


*Apply eye primer all over the lid up to the brow bone. For colorful makeup looks I always add a white base to make the eyeshadows  appear more vibrate. *
1. Next I mixed the two light blue eyeshadows and applied it to the more than
first half of the lid. 
2. I took the darker purple shade(any purple color will do) and applied it the last half of the lid. Gently blend the two colors together so there won't be a harsh line.
3. Dip the brush in any vibrant yellow you have and apply it all over the crease up to where the brow bone begins. Blend!
4. Take an orange eyeshadow and apply in to the mid crease. Blend!
5. I then applied the red eyeshadow to the out corner and brought it up into the crease.Blend!
6. Apply a white eyeshadow to the brow bone. Blend!
7. Use your favorite black mascara or you can use a colorful one and apply it to your lashes. I alway apply a few coats. 
8. I used a Nyx light green jumbo pencil and applied it to my lower lash as a base.
9. Next take a light green eyeshadow and apply over the green base. To darken the green a little, I just took a darker green shade and applied it on top of the light green eyeshadow.
10. On my inner tear duct, I applied a white base and took a yellow eyeshadow and applied it on top to make it more vibrant.
11. Add black eyeliner to your water line and you are done!

 Finished Looks

I had so much fun creating this look and my daughter loved it! It feels so good to create makeup looks and tutorials for you guys again. I hope you enjoyed this look and see you in my next blog post!

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  1. Love all the colors you used! I haven't done a rainbow makeup look for a while but the crease reminds me of a sunset look I did.

  2. Love the colour combinations!! Very pretty X


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