Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring into Neon Makeup Tutorial #1 Ft. Bh Cosmetics and Urban Decay

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I don't know about you, but now that it's spring I am more inspired trying on colorful eyeshadows. Also as much as I love neutral eyeshadows, I thought I would venture more into color. I wanted to do a makeup look and add a pop of bright color as an accent to the look. I really like how it came out and the neon green really compliments the rest of the eyeshadow colors I used. This is the perfect look to wear for spring and a nice look to wear to transition into summer. Hope you enjoy this pictorial ! 

When I do makeup looks, a blender brush is a must to blend out the eyeshadows so there won't be any harsh lines. I also started with the crease color first and put on the eyeshadow on the lid last so the color won't become faded while applying the crease colors. I think I like doing it this way best.

*Prime your eyes first with an eyeshadow primer.*

Apply color #1 to your crease. Blend.
Take color #2 and add it to the outer corner up to the crease midway. Blend
For the brow bone use color #3. Blend.
Next take color #4 and pack it onto the lid.
Add black liquid liner.
Add black mascara.
Below the lash line, apply color #5. Before applying the eyeshadow, make sure you apply eye primer first to this area so the color will stick and be more vibrant. I also applied this color wet.
Use black eyeliner and apply to your waterline.
For the lower lashes apply black mascara.

Finished look!

If you are afraid to wear neon eyeshadow colors, then this is a way to incorporate it into your look with out overdoing it. 

Products used:

Hope you enjoyed this makeup pictorial and I hope that I inspired you to use bright colors in your makeup. It's good to try new things ;)

Thanks for stopping by and see you guys in my next blog post!

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  1. Very pretty and electric! Love it!


  2. love the look especially the pop of colour under the eyes, I have trouble using neon colours for the eyes but this looks great!!


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