Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

Hey guys hope everyone is doing well. Today I am bringing  you a review on a makeup palette by Morphe Brushes. This palette was created by Jaclyn  Hill and she selected her favorite eyeshadows from the brand. If you haven't heard of Jaclyn Hill, she is one of the most popular beauty guru on youtube and she is one of my favorites to watch.You can check her channel out here.  The Jaclyn Hill Favorites palette contains colors for all seasons and all skin tones. Hope you enjoy this review!

The Jaclyn Hill Favorite Palette retailed for about $27.99 .  It contains 27 shadows which bring each eyeshadow at $2 a piece. This palette contains matte and shimmer eyeshadows.

Pretty Pictures

You have your colorful eyeshadows

you have your neutral colors which makes this palette versatile.

I swatched some of the colors of the palette so you can get a feel of how some of the colors look and how pigmented they are. Wonderful pigmentation and they blend so well. Each eyeshadow is bigger than a quarter.

Pigmentation: Very pigmented as you can see from the swatches.
Texture: A few are powdery, but for the most part the shadows feel smooth.
Longevity: Eyeshadows lasted for about 7 hours. 
Blendability: The eyeshadows blend very well together.


  Prior to this I have never heard of the brand called Morphe Brushes until Jaclyn Hill talked about the eyeshadows she purchased from them in one of her videos. I loved the pigmentation and decided to purchase her palette right away when it went on sale. When I opened the palette it was love at first site. Although these colors am sure I have in other palettes, but the pigmentation is what won me over. These shadows are so pigmented and blend seamlessly into each other. For the price, the quality of the eyeshadows beat some of the name brand eyeshadows palettes that are out right now. This is great for someone who is starting out with makeup, because it affordable and the palette has great range of colors that you can create many makeup looks from. It's great for all seasons and skin tones. When I wore these eyeshadows they lasted for about 7 hours . I am very pleased with the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette and she has great taste in eyeshadow colors. If you are geared towards warm toned shadows then you might want to check out the individual eyeshadow pans that are available on their website as well.

      Unfortunately,  the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette is sold out, but have no fear you can still purchase the eyeshadows individually. Here is the list of the eyeshadow numbers:

First row:ES4, ES54, ES6, ES76, ES64, ES14, ES75
Second row:ES67, ES13, ES62, ES63, ES20, ES27, ES66
Third row:ES33, ES68, ES16, ES15, ES61, ES24, ES74
Fourth row:ES11, ES59, ES38, ES53, ES48, ES71, ES19

You can check out morphebrushes for more affordable makeup and amazing makeup brushes.

Hope you enjoyed this review and see you in my next blog post!

Maryam ox

*Product was purchased by me*

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  1. Love this palette so much! Such an incredible deal, I got a backup when they went back in stock!



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