Friday, June 28, 2013

Cotton Candy Inspired Makeup look.

        This look immediately reminds me of Cotton Candy. Cotton Candy makes an appearance the most   in the Summer time at carnivals or on  Board walks across beach. These days, you can even find them at the Mall or your local store(in bags). I remember seeing Pinks,Purples,Light Greens and Blues. To me all the Cotton Candy tasted the same, but that is beside the point lol. It is fluffy soft goodness that melts in your mouth. Cotton Candy was part of my child hood and this look brought me back to the days of sticky fingers and tummy aches. :) I wanted to create a Cotton Candy look and incorporate all of my favorite  Cotton Candy colors. Instead of using Pink in the inner corners, I wanted to add Yellow  I didn't want the whole look to be Pastel colors, so I added a bright yellow to make the look more fun. Well I hope you like this look and here is how to achieve a Cotton Candy eye.

Here is what I used:

-Bh Cosmetic 40 EyeShadow Party Girl Palette
-Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
-Loreal Paris Voluminous Eyeliner in Black
-Loreal Linear Intense Liquid Eyeliner
-Loreal Voluminous Mascara
-Smashbox Eyeshadow brush
-Blending Brush from Bh Cosmetics
-Pencil Brush from Bh Cosmetics
Miscellaneous Brush used to apply color below water line.

Let's begin:

-First I started off with an eyelid primer and applied it all over the lid.
-For the Lid,  I used  #1 which is a really nice Mint Green and applied it all over my lid. At the end,you may need to re apply #1 to so you won't lose the Mint Green color.
-Next I applied Color #2. which is a Purple color in the crease. Blend out the color.
-On the outer corners, I used color # 3 which is a nice bright blue and extended it across my inner crease. Blend it out a little. 
-I then applied color #5(not 3*typo*) which is white for the brow bone. Blend here as well.
-Apply Black liquid eyeliner of your choice.
-Apply Black mascara of your choice.
-Apply  Black pencil eyeliner of your choice on your upper inner lash line.
-Apply Black eyeliner of your choice on your waterline.
-I wanted to add purple(#2) which is the same color that I used for the crease and applied it below my lower lash line.Make sure you apply eye primer before you apply the eyeshadow so it will stick.

-For the inner corners, I wanted to add a pop of bright color since the rest are pasteles. I used color #4 which is a nice bright yellow.

Here is the finished look:

You can use any palette with these colors and can switch around the sequence of colors. The possibilites for a Cotton Candy look are endless. This is just my version of it . Hope you liked this look. Have a great day everyone :)

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  1. Hi there :)
    That's a very good look! The colours look good and so does that palette.
    I tagged you in the Beauty Blogger tag. Check the link here to see the rules x


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