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Lorac Pro Palette Review,Swatches and Photos

       Hey everyone! I am excited to review this awesome Neutral palette. If you are a person who leans more towards Neutral colors then this palette is a must have. All together this palette has 16 colors. 8 Matte and 8 Shimmer colors. Lorac Pro Palette retails for $42.00.(0.32 oz) and comes with a Lorac Mini eye primer(0.17oz). This palette is versatile because you can pull off daytime looks aswell as night time looks. It is very sleek and has a magnetic closure making it travel friendly.


I love how thin the palette is and the way it feels. It has a rubbery smooth feel to it.

                                             Stand out colors: Mattes:Garnet and Deep Purple




  • White- Is a really nice high light color .  However, the color is chalky when u apply it. 
  • Cream- Can be used as a high light color as well. Unfortunately, the color is chalky . My least favorite in the palette. When I apply the color as a highlight, it doesn't really show on my Olive skin tone. 
  • Taupe-  a nice Soft Brown color and is a perfect transition color. Blends very nicely.
  • Lt. Pink- is a baby pink color.Color is a bit chalky. 
  • Mauve- Another Taupe color.This color is beautiful and one of my favorites of the Matte colors.
  • Sable- Chocolate Brown color.Blends beautifully.
  • Expresso- Deep Dark Brown color. Color is a bit chalky.
  • Black- is indeed Black that can intensify any look, but it is Chalky.(see top of  the page  for swatch).


  • Nude-is a very Soft Peachy color.
  • Creme-  Both Cream and Nude are very similar, but Cream is more Beige and has glitter chunks in it making it more sparkly.
  • Gold- is a Coppery Gold Color.This is a such a gorgeous Gold and is a very pigmented. 
  • Lt. Bronze- should have been named  Lt. Gold or Gold. I don't see how this is a Bronze color but beautiful shade nonetheless. 
  • Pewter- is a Shimmery Taupe color.
  • Garnet- is the color that caught my eye. It is a beautiful Rusty color. This is the most unique color in the palette and is extremely pigmented.  I love how it applies.
  • Deep Purple- is a Deep Plum color and is extremely pigmented. You do not see too many Purples in a Neutral Palette. I love how they incorporated one. This color can be used in a Smokey Eye.
  • Slate- is a beautiful Charcoal Grey color and is another color that can be used in a Smokey Eye.  


     Over all, this Palette is a winner. What sets this palette apart from the rest of the Neutral Palettes, is that there are equal amounts of Mattes and Shimmers. Most Neutral Palettes tend to have more Shimmers than Mattes. I love how Lorac Pro has so many Mattes  giving you many different colorful contrasts to work with.The texture and pigmentation of the palette is amazing. All colors are Velvety soft and apply smoothly while a few are a bit chalky. Lorac Pro Palette has colors that not many Neutral Palettes have like the colors Garnet and Deep Purple. Garnet is one of my favorite colors in the palette and was the first color I noticed when I opened it. The packaging is wonderful because it is  sleek making it convenient to take with you when u travel. If I have to take one Palette with me when I travel, it would be this one.I find myself using this Neutral palette the most. I highly recommend Lorac Pro Palette and it would be a great addition to your makeup  collection.

I rate Lorac Pro Palette 10/10.

          I hope you guys enjoyed this Review and have a wonderful day lovelies! :)

What Colors are your favorite?  What colors are your least favorite? Please leave a comment below :)


The Balm Nude tude Palette., Urban Decay Naked Palette 1

*You can purchase Lorac Pro Palette at Sephora,Ulta,,Amazon and Ebay.*


According to Lorac Pro, this Product is formulated without: 




  1. This palette is so beautiful! I want it so bad, but I'm trying so hard to resist because I really don't need more eyeshadows! The deep purple and gold in this palette looks great though

    1. Yea i resisted buying this palette for a long time but i caved in lol. I really like this palette.My fav neutral palette at the moment. I think you should get it. ;)

  2. I like matte as it saves my skin from shining in bright light. I used to have very good skin when I was younger but now as I am aging, my skin is fading away the softness it used to have. So I have to be careful about what I use.
    You are right about beauty being within us.

  3. Love that palette! You can do so many looks with it. I like the brand Lorac in general. Have you tried the Tantilizer Bronzzer? I love it!

    1. Me too! It my fav Palette at the moment. I agree Lorac has good quality make up.No I haven't tried the bronzer.I have just started getting into bronzers. lol I am going to check out the tantilizer bronzer.

  4. Wow this palette looks amazing! Thanks for showing us swatches! =)

    1. Your welcome hun :) thankx for follwing :) love love love your makeup looks.

  5. I would loove this palette, but to buy it from ireland, its very expensive. :( Great swatches! :)

    Tinkie Beauty | Beauty Blog

  6. Great in depth review!


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