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Milani Color Statements Lipstick Photos/Review and Swatches


                                                  Milani Color Statement Lipsticks


     When I first heard about these lipsticks,I just knew I  had to go out and grab a few. From what I have seen and heard, these lipsticks are very pigmented and some colors are bold which I think is great for Summer. To see if it was true, I decided to purchase a few of the shades  that I liked. The shades that I purchased are mostly pink with the exception of two. What girl doesn't love Pink lipsticks right? :)


       Milani Color Statement Lipsticks  retails at $5.49 each (Net weight 0.14 ounces/3.97 grams). According to Milani, you only need to apply one coat.  They come in a number of finishes such as Metallic,Vinyl, Cream,Shimmer,Pearl and Matte finish. The lipsticks are paraben free and contains vitamins A,C and E to nourish your lips. Let's get into the pros and cons of the lipsticks.


- Highly pigmented.
-Staying power
-Milani is right.All you need is one swipe.
- Paraben free
-VitaminA,C and E.
-Milani Color Statement Lipsticks has great colors for Spring and Summer.
-Smells great :)


-Feathering and streaking occurs.  If u have fine lines on your lips, the lipstick will enhance them and settle into the lines.
-Some of the  lipsticks feels drying once applied.
-Some lipsticks feels thick and feels heavy on the lips.
-Once you take off the lip stick, you have to apply chap stick because it leaves your lips  feeling dry.
-It can stain your lips once you remove it. You have to rub it off really well.

  Swatches, photos and descriptions:

                                                     Click Picture to view larger.
12- Flamingo Pose (Cream)

Flamingo Pose is a Bright Coral Pink color. This one is one of my favorites just because it such unique Coral color to have. The lipstick feels thick on my lips. However,it feels nourishing on the lips.  Flamingo Pose is such a fun color to own.Perfect Summer color.

                                                          15-Hot Pink Rage  (Matte)
     Hot Pink Rage is a really bright Pink Matte Color.If you want a hot bold Pink lipstick to add to your  collection this is the one to own. Perfect color for Summer. It feels thick on the lips and tugs when you apply it and feels drying on the lips, but has great pigmentation. Who can pass up this gorgeous pink ? Not me :)


      16-Flirty Fuchsia(Vinyl)

             Flirty Fuchsia to me is not a good Fuchsia color, but it makes for a great Berry Red color which is still a very pretty.. It is one of my favorites.It applies easily, nourishing on the lips and has a light feel on the lips which I love. It has such a nice shine to it. Perfect for everyday wear.

19 Raspberry Rush (Metallic)

     Raspberry Rush is more of a Fuscia color when applied  on the lips with hints of shimmer. It applies smoothly on the lips,nourishing and has a light feel on the lips which makes you feel like you aren't wearing any lipstick at all.

                                                             34 Violet Volt (Metallic)

     Violet Volt is the perfect bold Purple color. This  Purple lipstick is a great to add to your  Purple lipstick collection. Easy to apply and nourishing on the lips. . It has a bit of shimmer to it as well. Nice color  for Summer and Fall.

                                                         33- Rose Amor  (Cream)

     If you ever wanted a Barbie lip color, Rose amor is the one to have. When applying it to your lips,it goes on smoothly but tugs at the lips a bit. The plus side is you only need one coat and is very pigmented. The down side is, it feels heavy on the lips and is drying. I would wear this lipstick with a nice smokey eye look. Fun color to have.



Overall, I think the lipsticks are great because the lipsticks have a great color payoff and has decent staying power. It is very affordable for the quality. However,  some of the lipsticks(Rose Amor  and Pink Rage), leaves your lips dry while wearing it and after you remove the lipstick,  which is a bit annoying. Also, I dont like the feathering and creasing that occurs in the fine lines of my lips. What you can do to prevent it is apply lipliner close to the color underneath it.Will I buy it again yes.   I am happy with the purchases because the colors are beautiful!! I will just have to remember to buy a chap stick along with it if I decide to purchase some more.

 Rating: 9/10.

These lipsticks are available at CVS, Walgreens ,Target,, and k-mart.

What  is your favorite color out of the colors I picked or What is a favorite  Milani Color Statement Lipstick that you own?

       Hope you enjoyed my review. Enjoy your day everyone! :D

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