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Sephora's Disney Ariel Story Book Palette Vol. 3 :Review,Photos and Swatches.

    Asalamu alaikum and hello my lovelies! I am so excited for this post you guys. I want to share with you the awesomeness of this limited addition palette. Earlier in the Summer, this palette went on sale but only to Sephora's  Beauty insiders.  I wasn't a beauty insider,I don't why, but  I quickly signed up and applied  for an  email notification as to when the palette would be back in stock. I waited and waited and lost hope. I was a little sad and thought it sold out for good. When I received the email notification that Disney's Ariel Story Book Palette were back in stock,  I rushed to my lap top and quickly placed an order.I just had to add this to my makeup collection, and was really happy it wasn't sold out. So without further ado, I present to you  Sephora's Disney Ariel Story Book Palette Vol .3.

  Sephora's Disney Ariel Story Book Palette Vol. 3 retails at $55.00(0.035oz.)It comes with 20 Gorgoeus eyeshadows(1.0g each).This palette has 5 Matte shades and the rest are shimmers.

   When I opened the palette I was like a kid in a candy store :) The colors are so beautiful and for the most part have decent pigmentation with the exception of a few that are chalky. I am pleased with the color choices and I think they did a great job.On the outside casing of the eyeshadow palette as well as on the palette itself, there is writing that says, "Dare to dream". I think that is pretty inspirational. Each eyeshadow is named  according to the characters,snippets of the song lyrics and traits of Disney's The Little Mermaid which I think is cute. What I also love is you can take out the eyeshadow palette out of its casing and you are left with a nice velvety box that you can use to store your jewelry in or it can be used as your secret chocolate stash :))

      Before we get into the swatches, let talk about that packaging.

The picture speaks for itself. The packaging is just gorgeous. The color Blue and the Silver detailing  makes this package look elegant. If you have seen the movie The Little Mermaid, you know the picture of the big shell is a scene from when Ariel is late for her concert because she is out looking for treasures,  and in the middle of the cover is Ariel's silhouette when she was in transformation in getting legs to go above the ocean out into the human world. They did a great job on incorporating different aspects of the movie on the outside packaging.


 Front of the Inside packaging:

The inside packaging is also gorgeous. The Silver detailing and the Blue is such a nice contrast of colors and I love the quote Dare to dream. .The scene on this packaging is Ariel in her grotto, where all her collection of treasures are. They did a great job in capturing the essence of the movie. 

Back of the packaging:

I like how the colors are outlines of Ariel. Cute.

       The best part is the eye shadows. As you can see  the color selections are beautiful. You have colorful and neutral colors.


The colors that stood out to me the most were Fins, Caspian sea, Sea witch, Sha la la and Blue lagoon.

You can take out the Palette and there is a nice Velvety box where you can store things like your Jewelry. 

Ok its Swatch time!

Blue Lagoon-(shimmer) Vibrant Blue with tiny specks of Gold glitter.

Scuttle-(shimmer)Peachy Nude color.

Flounder- (matte)Soft Yellow color . Without using the primer the color is chalky. The primer brings out the color and turns out to be pretty nonetheless.

Sebastian-(matte) Peach tone color. The color is barely visible with out a primer. When the color is applied on top of the primer, it bring out the beautiful Peach color.

Flotsam-(shimmer) Gunmetal color with tiny specks of glitter. Without a primer the color is  very chalky and lacks pigmentation. When the color is applied on top of the primer, the color still is a bit lacking but looks better with the primer.

Sea shells-(shimmer) Soft White color like a sea shell would have. Name fits the color perfectly.

Les poissons-(shimmer)Taupey Brown. 

Caspain sea-(shimmer) Teal color with Green undertones. Beautiful.

Your voice-(shimmer) Silver color with Silver specks of glitter.

Unfortunate souls-(matte) Periwinkle Purple. This is one of the colors I thought would have nice pigmentation. As you can see from the swatch above, it's chalky and the pigmentation isn't great. When you apply primer it is beautiful.

Alantica- (shimmer)Is a beautiful Lime color.

Fins-(shimmer) is a mossy Green with tiny specks of Gold glitter in it. One of my favorite colors in the palette and one of the ones that stood out.

Sick of swimmin-(shimmer+duo chrome) is a duo chrome color with specks of glitter.You can see the duo chrome in the light or sunlight. Out of the white colors, this is my favorite .Very unique.

Ursula-(shimmer) Dirty Brown color. This is such a nice shade of brown.

sha la la(matte)- Raspberry Pink color. This is another color that I thought would have decent pigmentation. When you apply the primer, it  brings out the color it is pretty.I thought in this palette they would include a Red eyeshadow since Ariel's hair is red. Still a very pretty color.

Triton(shimmer) A gorgeous Gold color with specks of Gold glitter. 

Wanderin Free(shimmer)  Light Copper color.

Jetsam(shimmer) is a deep dark Green color.

Sea Witch(matte) is a Deep Purple when applied on top of a primer. When I looked at the color I was really excited! When I swatched it, it was chalky and lacked pigmentation. (sad face) However, when applied on top of a primer is turns out to beautiful Purple color.

Treasures untold(shimmer) is a very Light Pink color with Gold undertones. 

  My final thoughts:

         I think this palette is beautiful. However, the colors that I thought would have really good pigmentation was a bit of a disappointment, but all is not lost and those colors are redeemable once you apply the primer. I am still happy with the purchase because I love the array of colors this palette has. You have your colors and you have your neutrals which makes this palette have something for everyone. The shinning stars of this palette are the colors, Blue Lagoon Caspian Sea,Fins,Atlantica and Sea shells. I think these colors are really unique and I wasn't expecting a duo chrome(Sea Shells) to be in this palette which is nice. The packaging of this Palette is simply beautiful and makes it a must have to add it to your makeup collection. 

Where to buy: 
     Unfortunately I believe they are sold out in Sephora :(. I tried to look on the site and couldn't find it. But have no fear they are selling this palette as well as previous Sephora Disney Story Book Palettes on ebay. However since this and previous Disney palettes are limited edition,  they are selling it at a very expensive price.

    I hope you enjoyed the review and thank you so much  for stopping by. I will see you lovelies in my next blog post ox :)




  1. The packaging is amazing! And it looks like this palette has a really nice color selection; so many different looks can be created with this one!

    1. I know. So many colors! I am a sucker for colorful palettes. :) Thank you for stopping by :)

  2. Wow the overall pigmentation is pretty good, I am so bummed that I missed out the Jasmine palette :(

    1. Mee too! I really wanted the Jasmine Palette as well. They still have some on ebay, but for over 100 bucks. :/

  3. Caspian Sea is soooooo gorgeous! I bought my palette just because of that colour! I ended up liking Fins, Ursula, and Sha La La as well! My swatch of Ursula...looks...kinda different from your swatch....palette variation, maybe?

    Great swatches, and great post nonetheless!

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Yea Caspian Sea is beautiful. Yea Our swatches of Ursula looks different. Did u use flash? I am still a newbie on taking photos lol. Love your post on the palette aswell. :) Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. Nope, no flash. Skintone maybe? Eh, oh well

      You're welcome! c:

  4. that is such a beautiful palette! i adore the colours so much :) i really want the Disney themed palettes from Sephora, i'd love to collect them all :) thanks alot for the swatches <3

    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  5. Yea I would lov eto collect all the palettes as well especially the Jasmine Palette. Thanks for stopping by hun :)

  6. Wow! I love everything about this paltte! The box, the colors and their names :)
    thanks for dropping by.. Follow each other? You hv a lovely blog!

  7. I was able to get my hands on this palette during the first presale batch...I also died when I got the email. It sold out within 24 hours. I am a little bummed because the formula burns the heck out of my eyes if I get any in them...even the Jasmine quad I have. Wish they could fix that.
    Newest follower here from Makeup Monday.xx Andee

  8. Yea. I noticed that it irritated my eyes as well. I dunno if you know but i heard that they will not be doing anymore Disney collab with Sephora, so this was the last one :( Thanks for following and stopping by :)

  9. Oh really cute palette now I´m following you in Bloglocin´and GFC I hope your follow me abck in Both!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and now following :)

  10. oh my goodness, my sister has been raving abt this all month! she's a big fan of ariel, but unfortunately they don't hv sephora where i'm currently at, not even in my hometown, nor UK where i study lol.

    follow? <3

    1. Yea they are sold out here in the U.S as well. Thanks for stopping by and i am now following :)


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