Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Day and Night Time Skin Care Routine

As salaamu alaykum lovelies. I wanted to share with you my day and night skin care routine. It is pretty simple in the sense that I really do not use much products. I feel these products work well together to keep my skin looking clear, clean and keep pimples from popping up and saying hello on my face :)

Day Time Skin Care Routine

For my day time skin care routine, I start off with using Bath and Body Work's Tea Tree Facial Cleanser.This is the last thing I do in the shower. I apply this while in the shower because the hot steam  from the shower opens up your pores. Then I rinse with cold water to close my pores. 

I use the St. Ives Apricot Facial Scrub three times a week in the morning while in the shower as well. Scrubs are important because they remove dead skin leaving your face soft and smooth.

Afterwards, I apply Cetaphil moisturizing cream on my face. I have dry skin so this excellent for that. This cream doesn't make my face breakout which is another reason why I love cetaphil.

Night Time Skin Care Routine


As for my night time skin care routine, I start off by removing makeup from my eyes using a makeup remover. Next, I take the Cetaphil facial cleanser lather in up on my face ,wait a minute or two and rinse. If there is still makeup from my eyes after rinsing, I use a bit more makeup remover to take the rest of the makeup from my eyes.  I then apply clean and clear's deep cleansing toner for sensitive skin all over my face. This helps get rid of any foundation residue that I have left over. Lastly, I apply my go to facial moisturizer cream which is Cetaphil. 

Usually I will switch up products and take away an acne cleaner and substitute it with a different one. I never apply acne medication cleansers twice on my face everyday  
because it will make the my face even more dry and cause my skin to peel.

My father recently got me vitamin E gel capsules, so I may add that to my night time skin care  routine by poking a small hole in the capsule and applying a small amount on my face before bed or mix it with the cream. I will let you know how that works out.

There you have it lovelies. Hope you enjoyed my day and night skin care routine!
What is your skin care routine? If you have a blog post talking about your skin care routine leave your link so I can check it out!

Have a great day! 

Maryam :) ox


  1. I love the St. Ives scrubs. I use a green tea one to help gently exfoliate my skin, it works great. Skincare is top priority to us ladies :)

    1. OOO green tea exfoliator. I have to check that one out. Yea we ladies have to look cute ;)

  2. I have used the St Ives and the clean and clear toner, I actually have a full bottle of that clean and clear stuff left and I don't really use it anymore. I don't really use the St Ives anymore either because I use the Clarisonic and I can't use them both or it will be too much. I use the clean and clear foaming cleanser to remove my makeup and for moisturizing I used homemade creams and serums which have been doing wondrous things for my skin so I will have those posts coming up.

    1. I have been wanting a clarisonic for awhile now. I have heard so many great reviews. I also have the clean and clear foaming cleanser that is pretty good. I like it. I agree the best stuff is natural.


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