Friday, October 25, 2013

Brown Smokey Eye

As salaamu alaykum (peace be upon you) and good day/night lovelies!! Today I am brining you a brown smokey eye look using the Sonia Kashuk Neutral Eye Palette. This is a look I wear often and I love it.  Neutral eye with black eyeshadow intensifies the look and can be worn during the day and is especially appropriate for a night out. I personally wear this either day or night. In addition, I think this makeup look is great or the Fall. :) Hope you like!

Tutorial Time!

*Apply an eyeshadow base or primer all over the lid up to the brown bone and lower lash line if you will be applying eyeshadow there.*

Step 1. Take the color # 6 and apply it all over the lid.
Step 2. Apply  color # 7 and put it on your crease and bring it up to wear your brow bone begins and stop there. Blend it out.
Step 3. I used color # 9 and used it on the inner crease which is the area between your eyelid and your crease area. I am using this color to layer on different shades ,so I can create a pretty transition of browns.Blend.
Step4.For the outer v area , I took the color #12 which is the black eyeshadow to intensify the look creating a smokey eye affect. Blend.
Step 5. I used color # 3 as a highlight for the brown bone. Blend.
Step 6. On the outer corner lower lash line,I used color # 12 and bought the color up to inner lash line. Smudge it out a bit.
Step 7.  I applied my favorite black liquid liner. Then I took the color # 9 and applied it from the mid lash line to the inner corners.
Step 8. Apply your favorite  black mascara and eyeliner and your done!

This the Sonia Kashuk Neutral Eye Palette

 Finished Look

Hope you liked my brown smokey eye makeup look. Have a great weekend lovelies!!
Stay safe!

Maryam ox


  1. Your lashes look nice. Brown is always an essential color to have.

    Thanks for voting for me hun :) I appreciate it.



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