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Review-L'oreal Paris LaLaque and Le Matte Colour Riche Lip Crayons

As Salaamu alaykum and hello lovelies! I am excited to review the L'oreal Le Matte and LaLaque Colour Riche Lip Crayons. I have searched everywhere online and I could not find them. I even looked on the L'oreal website and they didn't have these. I made a trip to Target one day and they did not have these displayed. I finally went to Rite-Aide one day and ureeka! I found them. I was so excited. I picked up the ones that were left. I was hoping to find the pinks and red shades, but they were sold out :( I quickly snatched these and happily purchased them last weekend. I am hoping to find the rest some where else. Like I said  in my previous blog posts ,when it comes to limited edition makeup I have to have it :) Ok enough rambling and let's get into the review.

The L'oreal Le Mattes and Lalaque Colour Riche Lipstick retails at $7.99 each. All together in their line there are four Lemattes and Four LaLaques lipcrayons.


No Matte-R What -is a brownish beige color.
Matte-R Fact- is a wine color.
I Lacque You Alot -is an orangey red color.
Never Lacque_Ing -is a soft pink mauvey color.

Easy to apply
La Laques are moisturizing and give your lips an awesome shine.

Lemattes is drying
Amount of Product(Very Little)
The names ff the lip crayons.(Very cheesy) lol

LOreal Paris LeMatte Review

 When I first applied the Loreal ParisLematte Colour Riche Lip Crayon , they went on really easily and smooth. My advice if you do purchase the  L'oreal Lemattes Lip Crayon,is that you exfoliate your lips first because the le matte lipstick crayons will make that apparent. The lematte lip crayon will also make visible your fine lines and settle in between them after awhile. The longer I had the Loreal LeMatte Lip Crayon on, the more drying it felt on my lips. Out of the two  Loreal Paris  Lematte  Colour Riche Lip Crayon that I purchased, my favorite one was the wine color one called Matte-R Fact. I love the color. It is the perfect Fall color and very pigmented. The other Lematte lip color called No Matte-R What which is a brown and beigey color, is not very pigmented. It was too close to my skin color which gave my lips a pale and washed out appearance.

Loreal Paris LaLaque Colour Riche Lip Crayon Review

I love love love the Loreal Paris  LaLaque Colour Riche Lip Crayon. I love it so much that I would purchase extra ones before they sell out for good. The formula is amazing. When I applied in on my lips,I couldn't believe the pigmentation and the lipgloss shine that it had. It is very moisturizing. My only complaint is that when the color does start to fade,it starts fading from the corners of your mouth. I noticed this after I ate chicken pasta for lunch yesterday. The color was still very much pigmented. It has a stickiness to it, but does not feel heavy on your lips.Since it has a sticky texture your hair will get caught on your lips.

Over All, I think the L'oreal Le Mattes and LaLaque Colour Rich lip line is great. I do prefer the lalaques over the lemattes. My only complaint is the price is a bit expensive because there is not much product. If this was in lipstick form then I wouldn't complain because lipsticks have more product. It would be great if L'oreal Paris came out with a lalaque lipstick line. Then I would be all over that lol.  The Le Mattes lip crayons are ok. They apply on smooth, but dry up quickly on your lips settling in your fine lines. If you didn't exfoliate your lips prior, the lip crayon will make that apparent.

 I am still going to be on the hunt for the rest. I would like to repurchase the LaLaque called Never Laque-Ing which is the mauvey pink color. That color is gorgeous!!! 

Well I hope you found my review helpful. Do have have any of these? How do you like it? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below!

Until next time lovelies!

Maryam ox


  1. I have a love hate relationship with crayons, some are great and then others don't apply well at all. These looks really nice. I may try and find them here. I love that orange shade.

  2. Hurry and snatch them up. They are limited addiiton and very hard to find.


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