Monday, October 21, 2013

*Review*- Too Faced Tan With Out The Twinkle Chocolate Soleil Bronzer And Kabuki Brush

 As Salaamu alaykum lovelies!! I missed you guys and I missed blogging. I am all settled now from my holiday trip.I know I was suppose to blog a few days back after I was settled,but I felt so tired as well. I needed a mini break.I am happy to be back. :)) Ok so today/tonight I will be reviewing the Too Faced Tan Without The Twinkle Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and Flat Kabuki Brush. I wanted to try out more bronzers.

Too Faced Tan Without A Twinkle Chocolate Soleil And Flat Kabuki brush retails at $15(.08oz).It is paraben free and vegan friendly. This bronzer is matte so for those who do not like shimmer in their bronzers, you might want to check this one out.

Smell(Smells Like Chocolate!!)
Brush(very soft)
Paraben free
Vegan Friendly

My only complaint is that I think the color in the package is lighter when you apply it..It is still a pretty shade ,but I feel you have to pack on the product to see results, especially if you have tan or olive skin like me. 

Kabuki brush is super soft.

The shade looks really dark in the package ,but applies a lot lighter.

It is almost the same color as my skin,but it still has a nice light shade to it. 


Over all,  I think the Too Faced Tan Without A Twinkle Chocolate Soleil Bronzer is really nice. When I applied it on my face I was afraid of it being too dark.It actually is a very nice shade and is build able if you feel it is too light for your skin tone. The bronzer smells just like chocolate.. If it was edible I would eat it. It smells that good lol. As for the Kabuki brush, it is incredibly soft. I enjoyed putting the bronzer on my face with the brush because the bristles are so soft! I love this kabuki brush and will use it every time I apply bronzer. 

Hope you found this review helpful. I seriously missed you guys and super happy to be back!

Do you own this bronzer? What do you think about it?Leave a comment below!

Have a wonderful day lovelies!!

You can find this product at the Too Faced Cosmetics website.

Maryam ox


  1. The brush looks really nice! And this is pretty strange, but one of my friends told me this tastes like chocolate too! She told me not to ask her how she knows the taste, but I'm a little concerned! haha

  2. Hahaha at your friend. Yea she probably tasted it lolll too funny.

  3. This brush is already giving a soft look , innocent one ;)
    Noor's Place

  4. this looks great! i need some bronzer!

    New follower via GFC & bloglovin from Grab a Friend Hop!

  5. I've wanted to buy this bronzer for so long because it smells sooooo good. This mini kit is pretty decent value, plus you get a brush! I might have to pick it up next time c:

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things


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