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Rimmel London BB Cream Review


Hello lovelies! I hope all is well you :). Today I will be reviewing the Rimmel London BB Cream. This is my first time purchasing a bb cream. I know it's hard to believe since I am a makeup/beauty junkie. :) I remember when bb creams broke out into the beauty scene about a year or two ago, so I wanted to see what all the rave is about. 

     Rimmel London BB Cream Retails at $5.99 (Prices vary in Different stores). According to Rimmel, the Rimmel London BB Cream is a 9n1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup. It is suppose to conceal,moisturize,mattifies,brighten,minimize pores,covers,smooths and protect.

                                                                       Thick and not runny
                                                                        SPF 25 Sunscreen
                                                                       Natural looking
                                                                           Light weight
                                                                   Drys to a Matte finish

                                                                         Transfers easily
                                                                          Staying Power
                                                                   A tad dark for my skin complexion


     Over All, I really like the Rimmel London BB Cream. After I applied onto my face I put a translucent powder on top to keep the oils away. The Rimmel London BB Cream covers up my redness in my cheeks really well and the staying power is decent, but it doesn't last all day. Also, I think the shade was a tad dark for my skin tone. They don't have much shades to choose from.After wearing Rimmel London BB Cream for three hours, everything still looked good. The redness was still concealed as well as my blemishes. After six hours, is when I could see the redness in my cheeks peek through and I looked a bit shiny in my t zones. What I love about this BB cream is that is does not appear to look cakey on your face which I think it a plus. For my first bb cream, I really like it. I will let you guys know if I change my mind once I purchase other bb creams. For now, this works for me and is convenient to just pop on your face and head right out the door . If you are looking for a more natural looking makeup, I think bb creams are great for that.  They are also great if you do not want to wear heavy foundation. I think Rimmel London BB Cream is light weight on your face and depending on your skin condition, you may or may not need to apply extra amount. I have been using this for the past two weeks and I am pleased with my purchase. If you are looking for an affordable bb cream I recommend the Rimmel London BB Cream. 
           Hope you found this review helpful.Do you own this bb cream? What bb creams do you own? Leave a comment below.

      You can find the Rimmel London BB Cream at your local drugstores.

                  Thanks for stopping by and see you in my next blog post lovelies! 

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