Monday, December 16, 2013

Urban Decay Naked 3 Makeup Looks And Tutorials

    Hey everyone! Today I am bringing you three makeup looks and three tutorials on how I  created them using Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette. Hope you enjoy!

Makeup Look/tutorial 1:

Always apply primer or an eyeshadow base to make the color stick to your lid, so it can last all day* Use a white base to make the colors pop more.*

Step 1. I applied the color Buzz all over my lid. 
Step 2. I used the color Nooner for the crease area. Do not forget to blend so there won't be any harsh lines.
Step 3. For the outer v area, I applied the color Dark Side  on the outer corner into my crease half way and blend blend blend. :) 
Step 4.I Appy the color Strange to my your  bone and blend it out.
Step 5. Use your favorite black liquid eyeliner and apply to you top lid.
Step6. Apply mascara to you upper and lower lashes.
Step 7. I also used the color Dark side and applied it to the lower lash line.
Step 8. Use a black pencil liner for your waterline.
Step 9. As for the inner tear duct, I used the color Strange. Your done! :)

 Finished Look :

Makeup Look/Tutorial 2:

Step 1. For the lid I used the color the beautiful gold color called Trick. Always pat the eyeshadow on your lid to prevent fallout.
Step 2. I used the color limit on the crease area. Do not forget to blend.
Step 3. In the outer corner v area I used the color Darkside and brought the color up into the crease midway. Make sure you blend after.
Step 4. To highlight the brown bone, I used the color Strange.Make sure to blend as well.
Step 5. Apply  black liquid liner on the lid.
 Add black mascara to your upper and lower lashes.
Step 7.Again , I applied the color Dark side on my lower lash line.
Step 8. Add black pencil eyeliner to your water line.
Step 9: I used the color Strange on my tear duct. 

Finished Look:

Makeup Look Tutorial 3:

Step 1. I used the color Darkside and patted it all over my lid and brought it up to the crease area as well.Make sure to blend.
Step 2. To smoke out the look, I used the color Blackout and applied  it from my outer v area to the crease mid way. Blend it out.
Step3.To highlight the brow bone area, I applied the color Strange.
Step 4. Add black liquid liner to you upper lash line. 
Step 5. For the lashes apply black mascara. to your upper and lower lashes.
Step6. Take the color Darkside and apply it to your lower lash line.
Step 7.Use your favorite black pencil eyeliner and apply it to your water line.
Step 8. To highlight your inner  tear ducts, use the color Strange. And you are done!

Finished Look:

There you have it lovelies. I hope you enjoyed all these looks that I created using Urban Decay's  Naked 3 Palette. 

Have a great day/night and see you in my next blog post :)

Maryam :) ox


  1. Great job, very warm and subtle. This palette looks quite neutral.


  2. All of these are so beautiful! My favorite is the 2nd look!

  3. How come everyone can put eyeliner on like it looks really easy, and I struggle so much! Nice blog! I start following your blog now. Can you please check out my blog ; I only started last week and maybe if you like it, will you follow me? Thanx! Mieke

  4. all of these looks are lovely! love the colours in this palette x


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