Monday, December 23, 2013

SugarPill Eyeshadow Palettes Review,Photos, and Swatches

Hey lovelies hope everyone is well. :) I am excited to bring you a review on the SugarPill Palettes in Heart Breaker, Sweetheart and Burning Heart. I purchased these during the black friday sale. I waited a long time for a sale like that one and  I quickly purchased these palettes. I believe the palettes were 25 % off each during the black friday sale.Let's jump right into the review.

The Sugarpill Palettes retail for $34.00 dollars each. Each palette contains four highly colorful pigmented eyeshadows. (Net wt. 3.5 grams.)

Highly pigmented
Easy to blend


Photos and Swatches:

Acidberry- Hot lime green.
Velocity-Cobalt blue
2am-Grape purple.
Mochi-Mint green.

Dollipop- Fuchsia Pink
Afterparty-  Deep Blue sky color :)
Midori- Grassy green.
Taka- White

Flamepoint-Intense orange.
Butter Cupcake- Canary Yellow (I love love love this color!)
Love +- Red
Poison plum- A plum toned purple.


I am absolutely in love with all three  of the SugarPill palettes. The pigmentation of these colors are insane. For the swatches, I didn't use any primer or eyeshadow base that is how pigmented these colors are. The texture is smooth and for matte eyeshadows they are not chalky at all.They also blend beautifully together. I have nothing negative to say about these palettes. The packaging is beautiful and thin making is easy to carry with you when you travel. My only regret about this product is that I didn't buy it sooner. I have tried many brands of colorful eyeshadows and this one so far has the best color payoff. My favorite palette out of the three SugarPill Palettes would have to be Heartbreaker. I think these colors are really nice and unique. I really love wearing colorful eyeshadows and I will be putting these palettes to good use. If you love to wear color on your eyelids, then I highly recommend these awesome palettes. 

Hope you enjoyed my review on the SugarPill Palettes. See you in my next blog post lovelies!

Maryam ox

You can purchase these palettes on the Sugarpill website.

Do you own any of these palettes? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Great review- I regret not buying these sooner too! I really want to get Burning Heart and Sweet Heart now!


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