Monday, June 23, 2014

Ba Star Tropical Eye Shadow Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

*Products were provide from Ba Star through Brandbacker*

    Hey lovelies! Today I going to review another makeup palette from Ba Star called Tropical Makeup Eyeshadow Palette as well as their Glue Eye Shadow Base. The beautiful and bright colors this palette has is perfect for the Summer season and Ba Star Glue Eyeshadow Base will help keep the colors lasting through out the summer days and nights.

     In case you don't know who Ba Star is, Ba Star was developed by makeup professionals.  Ba Star caters to performers, cheer leaders and dancers, but you do not have to be any of these to wear these beautiful colors.

The Ba Star Tropical Palette retails at $8.75 and contains five bright and pigmented eyeshadows that are long lasting.

The BA Star Glue Eyeshadow Base Retails at $8.75. The glue eyeshadow base is gentle on the eyes and helps ensure the longevity of eyeshadows and also is sweat resistant.

Long lasting
Blends well
Eyeshadow glue helps keep the makeup lasting all day




Over All, The Ba Star Tropical Palette is the perfect palette for the summer. The eyeshadows are bright ,pigmented and blend well together. When I applied their Glue Eye Shadow base, the color became more vibrant and helped in adhere to eyelids. I wore the eyeshadows throughout the day with no signs of fading or creasing. It was really hot the day I wore it and i was surprised it stood on my eyes and the color still looked vibrant. The Packaging is plastic so be careful not to drop it, however it is sleek enough ti take with you where ever you go. THe Ba Star Tropical Palette is the perfect plaetted for the summer to created tropical and exotic looks. 

You can purchase the Tropical Palette here.
You can also Purchase the Glue Eyeshadow Base here

Make sure you use the discount code 50TROPIC for a 50% percent off discount!

Hope you enjoyed this review lovelies and see you in my next blog post!

Maryam ox


  1. I have the black palette. I saw the tropical and wondered how pigmented the colors are...gorgeous!

  2. Those colors have my name written all over them lol. I love how bright they are, you know I would just go nuts with that palette lol. I have been meaning to try some things from this line but I haven't seen it here in Canada yet.

  3. These colors are amazing! Such a strong punch! Love the finish!

  4. Haven't tried this brand but the colours are beautiful!! Glad I found your blog! Am following you now xx Make Me Up Mandy


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