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Beautify Your Nails with Julep's Winterizing Nails Tutorial + My Routine Manicure Tutorial

     Hey guys! Usually I blog about beauty reviews, but today I want to bring you beauty tips from Julep on how to winterize your nails. If you do not know who Julep is, they are a beauty company known for their popular nail polishes and the Julep Maven Subscription Box.
     When the colder temperature hits, so does the dry air which can take the moisture out from our hair, skin and even nails. Chances are if you have dry hands you will have dry cuticles and can make the nails look dull.  To find out how to keep your nails in tip top shape during the winter months, then scroll down and enjoy Juleps tutorial on how to winterize your nails as well as my routine manicure tutorial. :)

Photo Provided by Julep

Winter and cold weather is quickly approaching and it is important to maintain moisture to our skin, hair and nails. During these cold months, the cold  dry air takes the  moisture from our hands and nails which is one of the  area that is always exposed. We use our hands for everything and sometimes we forget to take care of them.

This tutorial from Julep helps winterize your nails and keep them looking moisturized and healthy during the winter months. I will have to add the Oxygen Nail Treatment to my nail routine in the winter. Since I have thin nails this will help them become strong. Super excited to try that nail treatment out.

My Routine Manicure Tutorial

When it comes to my own nail care, there is one key factor. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Chances are if your hands are dry so are your cuticles. When your cuticles are dry they can look flaky. That is not good. I alway carry with me a small hand cream in my purse when I am out and about. 

Since I am a mom, I am constantly washing dishes and that can also dry out your hands. After every wash I put on cream to keep my hands nice and moisturized.

What You Will Need

Manicure Set That includes:
Cuticle pusher 
Liquid Cuticle remover
Nail Clipper
Nail Filer
Nail Conditioner
Cuticle Moisturizer

Your choice of nail polish

Clear Top Coat

Hand Cream

I purchased the Trim Manicure Set at Walmart for about $7.99. 

My Routine Manicure Tutorial
*Before you begin any manicure, make sure you wash your hands and make sure they are dry*

-If your set comes with a cuticle stone, make sure you wet it with warm water. Place the thin edge on the cuticle and move it gently back and forth. The dry excess cuticle will be removed with very little effort.

-Next, buff your nails using light stokes and back and forth motions.

-Smooth ridges and file your nails to the desired shape.

-Condition your nails leaving a smooth matte finish.

-Again, use the buffer to buff your nails leaving them nice and shiny. The more you buff, the shiner your nails will look. 

*Wash Your Hands*

-Apply a small amount of cuticle moisturizer to the base of the nail bed. (*beauty tip* If you do not have a cuticle moisturizer, then I like to use Johnson and Johnson Baby Oil that contains Aloe Vera And Vitamin E. )

-Massage into the cuticle and nail bed with the index finger of the opposite hand.

-Use the cuticle moisturizer as often as desired to keep the nails and cuticles looking healthy and nourished.

Again, I applied my cocoa butter hand cream and painted my nails.


I chose the color Grey Area by Sally Hansen and used a nail polish that had gold and black specks of glitter as well as glitter chunks. I didn't just want go with the gray nails. I wanted to add  little glam and applied the glitter nail polish on top. 

You can also just paint the ring finger with the glitter polish as an accent nail and leave the rest of the nails with just the gray area color nail polish.

This is also a nice fall/winter color to wear. I was inspired by Julep's nail swatches down below. It is not the exact color, but they have dark toned colors for the winter as well.

Julep Winter Nail Swatches

Photo Provided by Julep

These swatches by Julep are the colors that are trending this winter and they are beautiful. My favorites are Sawyer and Joanne. Joanne is a gorgeous unique color to own and Sawyer has a nice copper brown that is great to wear for the fall and winter months.

You can check out Juleps huge collection of nail polishes here. They have so many beautiful colors to choose from. I can't wait to get my hands on a few nail polishes that I have on my wish list.

I hope you enjoyed some great tips from Julep and my routine manicure tutorial.

See you lovelies in my next blog post!

Maryam ox :)

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  1. This couldn't have come at a better time. With the recent cold snap, my cuticles have been cracking and all I've done since is slather them in moisturizer. A good balm and some Weleda Skin Food is keeping some of the pain at bay.

    Nice post!

    Tiff | AMtoPM


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