Monday, December 15, 2014

Hyaluronic Acid Serum +Vitamin C Facial Toner Review

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     Hey lovelies! Hope everyone is doing well. Today I will be reviewing two skin care products and they are called  Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Vitamin C Facial Toner by Insta Natural. I was excited to try these since I never tried a hyaluronic serum or vitamin c facial toner before. If you have never tried any of these items then scroll down for my review and experience using both products. Enjoy!

About the Brand

Insta Natural is a leading online and global distributor which are inspired by natural beauty products and cosmetics. They are top sellers on amazon can be found in leading spas, salons, aesthetic centers in the US and in UAE, UK, and coming soon to Canada.  They are always looking for natural and organic ingredients from around the world to bring  the best products. 

Hyaluronic Acid Serum retails at $16.45(2 fl.oz). It contains key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, green tea, vitamin c, Jojoba oil, witch hazel, vitamin E and other antioxidants. Made of natural and organic ingredients, contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, fragrances, additives and alcohol.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Serum :

Improves skin texture and brightness with intense moisture and balance
Reduces appearances of dark circles and  puffiness
Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Provides instant hydration for smoother, softer skin
Helps you achieve an overall vibrant, healthy complexion

Vitamin C Facial Toner retails at $17.49(4fl oz). It contains key ingredients such as Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, Msm, and Tea Tree Essential Oil. Suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of Vitamin C Facial Toner by Insta Natural :

Cleans and purifies skin 
Provides Anti-Aging Benefits 
 Shrinks appearance of pores 
Removes excess oil and dead skin cells 
 Restores balance to natural pH levels 
Helps protect your skin against impurities 
Gives you instant refreshment 
 Preps skin for other applications



I have used these products for about two weeks to see how it would improve my skin. Over all, I love what The Hyaluronic Serum and the Vitamin C Toner have done for my skin.  According to the products directions, it said to use the toner first and then the serum so that the serum and moisturizers are better absorbed into the skin. That is how I used it. First I sprayed the Vitamin C Toner all over my face. I let is dry up, but if you feel that  too much product is on  your face you  can always pat with cotton. I love how refreshing it felt on my face. It felt wonderful and the citrus smell was also very nice. As it was starting to dry, I felt my face tighten up fast. It didn't irritate my sensitive skin which I was happy about because I love this product so much. Afterwards, I applied a small amount of the Hyaluronic Acid Serum all over my face and waited till it dried up. It felt so invigorating on the skin and made my skin feel so soft and moisturized. I used these two products together in the morning on cleansed skin and at night after I cleansed my face.

I noticed results with in a week. It did wonders to my complexion. It smoothed out my face and made my pores less visible and the little fine lines of my face seem to fade as well.  It looked as if my face had foundation on, but it was just the way these two products used together made my skin look. My skin looked more youthful, radiant and even. When I did apply foundation on my face,  my pores and fine lines looked less visible than before and made foundation look flawless. Not only did my face look more radiant, it was more soft and smoother. My mother thought I was expecting because she said my skin was glowing. :) I told her I was trying out great new skin care products.

I highly recommend the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Vitamin C Facial Toner by Insta Natural. I was happy to be introduced to new skin care products that really helped my skin look hydrated, radiant, even, youthful and smooth. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum brought hydration and moisture to my face and gave it a more youthful complexion as well as making my fine lines less visible. The Vitamin C Toner helped shrink down my pores and is such the great pick me up for the skin through out the day which made my skin feel more clean. I love these products and again I highly recommend them.

You can find the Hyaluroninc Acid Serum here  and the Vitamin C Facial Toner hereLook for more amazing products from Insta Natural at

Hope you enjoyed my blog post lovelies !

Maryam ox.


  1. oh my gosh! the vitamin C facial toner sounds like it is exactly what i need for my skin, literally everything you mentioned. haha I so want to look more into this product! my pores need some major shrinkage lool, great post girl!

  2. I haven't tried this brand but I have been using hyaluronic acid in another product I have and it has been working for me.


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