Friday, February 27, 2015

Compilation of my MOTD Eye Makeup

Hey lovelies! Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't blogged about my makeup looks or tutorials/pictorials in awhile. I thought I would show you guys makeup looks that I have been wearing and loving over the past few weeks and months.  I first uploaded them on my instagram account and I thought I would also share my looks with you guys here. Hope you like them! :)

Lately, I have been loving burgundy and burnt orange shades. Here I used sephora's pantone makeup palette. The color of the year if you didn't know already is marsala. I love this color and have been wearing this a lot. I used a navy blue eyeshadow just below the lower lashes that is also in the palette.

I love my colorful eyeshadows just as much as my neutral ones and I used the sugar pill palettes to create this fun and bright look. There are some days when I just want to wear colors especially when the winter blues hit. :)

That day I felt like wearing a simple neutral makeup look. This look can be worn every day and I think it would be nice to wear for work as well. I used the Tartlette palette from Tarte Cosmetics . You can read my review here.

I think out of all colorful eyeshadows to wear, purple is my favorite and also brings out the brown in my eyes. I like to incorporate purple with brown eyeshadow a lot because brown softens the look if you so not want to go bold on your eye makeup.. I used makeup geek's eyeshadows for this look. I wanted to keep the look simple and showcase the purple color on my lid so I didn't apply the liquid liner.

I debuted this look on my Motd ft. Lorac Pro 2 blog post which you can find here.  You can also find what colors I used in that blog post as well. I wanted to use cooler tone eyeshadows and came up with this soft smokey eye look. 
I created this look using the maya mia palette that I also did a review on. You can check that out here.  I wanted a soft peachy pink look and came up with this. I used a aqua blue color to give the makeup look a pop of color. I think this look would be nice to wear in the spring time.

I wanted to create a sultry eye makeup look. To achieve a sultry look you don't always have to go heavy on eye makeup. Sometimes the right color combo like a brown gray on the lid and  an orange brown eyeshadow on the crease will do just fine. When I go for a sultry look I do not want to add a liquid liner because I think its too much for day time wear. You can add the liquid liner to this look to create a night time look.

I hope you liked my eye looks and  I hope to create more makeup looks soon :)

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See you lovelies in my next blogpost :)

Maryam ox


  1. Woow some really amazing looks!!

  2. I love your eye shadow looks so much!! Do you have instagram!? I would love to follow you if you post makeup looks like this!

    1. Thanks hun! :) My Instagram is Mluvsmakeup1

  3. Thanks hun :) My instagram is @mluvsmakeup1

  4. Thanks hun :) My instagram is @mluvsmakeup1


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