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Lorac Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

Hola lovelies! How is everyone! We are getting battered here in the east coast with the snow. Although the snow is beautiful, I am tired of it lol. Hope everyone is keeping warm! If you are one who lives in warm climate, I envy you lol.  Ok enough talk about snow and let's focus our attention on the much talked about Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette. I must admit when I first saw it I was going oooo such a pretty palette! I mean who doesn't love gold eyeshadows. If you are a gold eyeshadow lover then you will fall in love with this palette. Hope you enjoy the review!

Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette retails at $42.00 and contains 10 eyeshadows. 4 matte shadows and 6 shimmer shadows.

Comes with the Lorac behind the scenes primer.

Back of the packaging.

This palette compliments all skin tones.

Sleek packaging making it travel friendly.


Undressed- is a baby pink matte eyeshadow. The pigmentation is not the best but with primer it will boost the color a bit more. This is the only highlight shade in the palette.
Uninhibited- is a pink champagne shimmer color. This is nice to use as a highlight for your cheek bones as well.
Unpredictable- pinky gold shimmer color. This color is gorgeous, but be careful because I experienced a lot of fall out with this eyeshadow and when dipping my brush it kicks up a lot of product. Go in gently with your brush.
Undeniable is a walnut brown matte shade. I was a bit disappointed in this shadow because it didn't have the best pigmentation. It also developed a hard film with each use.
Unedited- is a chocolate brown matte shade.
Unlocked is a beautiful white gold shimmer shade that can be used as a highlight for your inner tear duct or a cheek highlight. 
Unlimited is a classic gold shimmer shade.
Unleashed is a copper gold color. This color is gorgeous and this color has the best pigmentation in the palette. My favorite color in this palette.
Unwind is a light brown shade great for a transition color. This had better pigmentation than the other brown shade called undeniable.
Unafraid -is a copper brown shimmer shade with gold and red glitter. Has great pigmentation so a little goes a long way.


Pigmentation- Good pigmentation for the most part, however the twi matte brown shades in particular the one named undeniable lacked pigmentation and were not as smooth as the other shadows.
Texture: 9 out of the ten shadows has a nice velvety texture. The color Undeniable felt dry.
Longevity: Wears for about 7 hours.
Fallout: I experienced a lot of fall out and product kick up with the shimmery eyeshadows especially with the color unpredictable. If you have hooded eyes, the shimmery shadows will transfer onto the crease.

Over All, I am pleased with the Lorac Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette. However, I do not think the quality is not consistent with the original lorac unzipped palette. Most of the shadows have a nice velvety texture similar to the lorac zipped palette, but the two brown matte shades lacked pigmentation and the velvety texture that  the other matte shadows in original lorac unzipped palette have. The shadows wore for about 7 hours and the pigmentation was still going strong. The stand out shades in the lorac gold unzipped palette are unpredictable and unleashed. Both shadows have excellent pigmentation, however the shimmery shades like the color unpredictable did have a lot of fall out. It is still a gorgeous color. As for the packaging it is nice and sleek which makes it travel friendly.

     If I had to choose between the Lorac Unzipped palette and the Lorac Unzipped gold, I would have to choose the first one because I like the consistency in texture of the eyeshadows, pigmentation and how they perform. Lorac Unzipped Gold Eyeshadow Palette is a great palette to have because it contains many different shades of gold that will satisfy anyone who is a lover of gold eyeshadows. I am happy I purchased this palette. Some of the gold shades are too gorgeous to pass up!

You can purchase the Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette at Ulta and lorac website.

Do you own any of the unzipped palettes? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below. :)

I hope you enjoyed this review and see you guys in my next blogpost!

Stay warm!

Maryam ox


  1. This palette looks so pretty! That sucks that the texture isn't like the first one! Great review!


  2. great swatches! i need to pick this up one of these days :)

    Annie |

  3. We, near the equator, are melting and envying you! ^_^ Great review. The palette looks like a must-have!


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