Monday, October 19, 2015

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey everyone! It has been awhile!! Hope everyone is doing well. Today I will be reviewing the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette.  This is a sequel to the original Too faced Chocolate Bar Palette which you can find my can find my review   here .  The difference between this palette and the first one is this one has a few more warmer tones a pop of color. I love both palettes and I can't really choose between the two . :) If you love neutral palettes this one is a nice addition to add to your makeup collection and the eyeshadows smell like chocolate!

The Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette retails for $49.00 and contains 16 eyeshadows ranging from matte to shimmer shades.

Back of the packaging

Comes with a guide to help you create looks.

The mirror stand without flopping, however I feel the lettering is taking up the space of the mirror. It could be bigger.

As you can see the palette has a mix of cool and warm tones.

In this palette the names are printed instead of having a plastic insert like the original.
 Swatch time!


Overall, the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar does not disappoint with the pigmentation of the eyeshadows. What I love about this palette as well is that they included a few transition shades to work with. They are always important to have especially in a makeup palette. The eyeshadows lasted about 7 hours on my eyes and the pigmentation was still strong. My only complaint is I hate when they include a light pink eyeshadow shade. Those shades usually have less pigmentation and the staying power is poor. For the most part their eyeshadows are pigmented and smooth in texture. The packaging is sturdy, made of tin and is thinner than the original chocolate bar palette which makes this palette travel friendly. As I mentioned earlier, if you are a neutral palette lover this one will be a nice addition to your collection.

You can purchase this palette at Sephora and Ulta.

Hope you enjoyed this review and see you in my next blog post.

Maryam ox

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