Friday, December 25, 2015

Blue and Gold Makeup Look Ft. Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys! Hope everyone is well. Lately, I have been loving wearing blue eyeshadows. I know some people stay away from using it in their makeup. I think if you use it with the right colors you can create some beautiful looks. I wanted to use the gorgeous blue from Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette(Check Out my review here. ) and show you that wearing blue eyeshadow isn't so scary. :) Blue and gold go really nice together, so I decided to create this look. I really like how it came out and how the brown color in the crease area ties the look together. Hope you enjoy this pictorial and give it a try. 


1. I First, primed the eyes with an eyeshadow primer. For this look on the lid I primed my eyes first with Urban Decay Eye Primer then I took Nyx jumbo eye pencil  in Milk and applied it over the lid to make the gold and blue colors pop more.
2. For the crease I used the color Zone.Blend
3. On the brow bone I applied the color Skimp . Blend.
4. On the outer Corner I used the color Punk to give the look a little more dimension. Blend.
5.  I then applied the gorgeous blue called Danger and applied it half way on my lid.
6. Next, I used the gold color called 1987 and applied it to my inner lid and carefully blended it into the blue so there wouldn't be any harsh lines.
7. I took Inglot gel liner and applied it over my lid.
8. For the lashes I used Loreal Manga Mascara in Black. Before I applied my mascara I curled my lashes and applied 3 coats.
9.As usual I used the Urban Decay Black Eyeliner on my water line. 
10. For the outer lower lash line, I went in with the color Punk to darken it up a bit.
11. Again, I took the blue color called Danger and applied it to the rest of the lower lash line and stopped before the tear duct. Blend.
12. Finally, I took the same gold color I used on my inner lid and applied it my inner tear ducts.

That Completes the look!

 Finished Makeup Look

This has to be the most one of the most beautiful blue eyeshadow that I ever used. Urban Decay did a wonderful job on this color. When you pair blue with a neutral eyeshadow it balances the look and adding the gold brightened the entire look.

I hope you give this look a try and for those who are afraid to wear blue eyeshadow this is one way to wear the color blue.

Be safe everyone and see you guys in my next blog post.

Maryam ox

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