Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Romantic Halo Makeup Look Ft. Inglot Cosmetics


      Hey guys! Coming at you with another pictorial. I wanted to incorporate a neutral look with a pop of color and what better way to do it with than a nice soft pink eyeshadow color. I am experimenting with different eye techniques and decided to create a halo makeup look. I think this method is a nice way to introduce a pop of color to any makeup look especially a neutral one. I think this color combo creates a romantic vibe and can be used for those who celebrate valentines day. I hope you enjoy this pictorial!


*Prime the eyes with an eyeshadow primer*
*For the Brow Bone I used the cream color in the second palette. Blend.
*In the crease area I used the light taupe beige color from the second palette. Blend
*To darken up the inner crease I used the dusty matte brown in the second palette. Blend
*I added the darker brown nest to the dusty brown to the outer v to smoke up the look a bit. Blend
* I took that same dark brown color and applied over lid except for the mid lid.
* For the mid Lid I add the baby pink color that is in the first palette. I first wet the brush and applied the shadow to give it more color payoff. Carefully blend it into the brown color to avoid harsh lines.
* Take a black eyeliner and apply it over the lid. I wanted to use the eye liner to make the pink pop out more.
*Curl lashes and apply your favorite mascara.
*On the water line I used black eyeliner.
*I wanted to add more of the pink color, so I decided to add the same pink color I used on my mid lid area and applied it below the lash line. Blend.

*On the outer corner below the lash line I used the dark brown in the second palette to smoke up the corners.
* To add a bit of a highlight, I added the pale gold eyeshadow in the first palette and applied it to the inner tear ducts.
*Add mascara to your lower lashes.

Look Complete!

Finished Look!

Such a soft romantic makeup look perfect to wear during the day or night time on a date or if you celebrate Valentine's Day this will go with any outfit. Also, if you are afraid to wear a bold pink look or do not know how to incorporate a pink color into your eye makeup this is a nice way to do it. I decided to add the black eyeliner with a sharp wing to create more drama and the black color from the eyeliner makes the pink pop out more.

Products Used:

Inglot Freedom System Palettes. I custom made these palettes and each eyeshadow retails for $7, but got them on sale during black friday for 30% off. I am all about the sales lol. I always wait during that time of year to purchase the palette.

Inglot Gel Liner # 77 which a is matte black.

Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Mascara in carbon  black.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see you guys in my next blog post.

Maryam ox

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  1. I love Inglot India from Majorbrands – it mixes both roguish and sweet characteristics and looks perfect! Hot fashion is always admirable.


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