Monday, September 2, 2013

My Top Five Fall Lipsticks

As salaamu alaykum and hello lovelies. Wow it is already September! Where has the Summer gone? I am going to miss Summer, but one of my favorite seasons is the Fall. I am looking forward to the cooler weather,the changing color of the leaves, and pumpkin scent candles. 
     With Fall comes change and also a change in lipstick colors. Today I will be posting My Top Five Fall Lipsticks. I didn't purchase any new Fall lipsticks because I haven't had the chance, but when I do, I will definitely show them to you guys :). Until then, I figured I show you the ones that I already own.

When I think of Fall I think of red,purple, burgundy,maroon and brown lipsticks colors. Yes, I still think brown is a nice lip color :).


Here are My Top Five Fall Lipsticks

Maybelline Color Sensational($5.50)- Plum Paradise- is a beautiful Plum Red color. I have to admit I really forgot about this lipstick and happy that I rediscovered it again. If you are looking for a color and can't decide if you want plum or red, then this color is the perfect plumy red color. 

RevlonColor Burst Lip Butter Fig Jam($6.48)- Do not let the dark color alarm you. When you try it on it applies as a beautiful sheer brownish wine color. I love it. It is a unique color and I think it is perfect color to wear for the fall.

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 09($4.97)- Is a berry red color. The color red is a classic color you can wear anytime of the year. I like to wear this color the most in the fall and is the perfect pop of color to wear that won't look loud for this time of year. 

Nyx Round Lipstick- Medusa($3.99)- Is a deep purple color. I must admit when you first apply it, it is a bit dark.So what I like to do is just blot my lips with tissue and it changes to a more softer plum color which is gorgeous. Another hidden gem that I rediscovered.


Nyx Round Lip Stick- Summer Love($3.99)-Is a Mauvey purple color. If you are not into deep purple colors this is a nice alternative. This is a more softer toned purple and nice to wear on days when you do not want to wear too much color.

These lipstick colors are still available to purchase.You can find these lipsticks at,Ulta,Target,Walmart and your local drugstore.

There you have it lovelies. My Top Five Fall Lipsticks. During the Fall, I am going to be wearing more purple and burgundy colors. I think those are this year's fall colors to own. I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

What are your favorite fall lipstick colors? What is your favorite lipstick out of my top five? Leave a comment below.

See you in my next blog post. ox


  1. Love your post, the 109 really stands out to me, it's one I don't have so will definitely check it out. I can't wait to wear these shades more this season however I do still miss the sun and the heat, it's too chilly too fast here in the UK :/

  2. These all look like great colors for Fall. I am excited to bust out my deeper hues for the coming season.

  3. I need Nyx Medusa! I really love purple lipsticks, and I keep asking people if they know of a good purple lipstick! I'm definitely picking that one up!

  4. Gorgeous shades! I particularly like the two NYX shades. I picked up a few deep reds and burgundies for fall from Avon. Can't wait for more opportunites to wear them.

    Returning the follow from the hop too. If you're interesting in co-hosting send me and email :D

  5. Ooh, those are gorgeous. I love the maybelline, I'll have to look when I'm at Target next!

  6. Nice post, I like revlon fig Jam.

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    1. Thanks. Yes Fig Jam is a nice color. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. MMmMMM!!! I love fall colors too! I think plum paradise is my favorite! Thank you for sharing! I haven't worn lipstick in a long time. I usually buy lip gloss, but these colors are really pretty! Thank you for supporting my new hop! I pinned these to the blog hop board for sure! <3


  8. Your welcome hun! Glad to be following :)

  9. That NYX Medusa lipstick looks beautiful and so does the Summer Love lipstick. Do you know if they are available in the United Kingdom?

    Pauline x

    1. I am not sure. I think you can easily get this on ebay or Amazon

  10. These lipsticks are so beautiful. I love the rich colors!


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