Friday, September 6, 2013

What's In My Purse?

As salaamu alaykum and hello my lovelies! :) Ok I know almost everyone does this.I actually enjoy reading these types of posts. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a What's In My Purse post as well. :) 

I purchased this bag at a local clothing store. The brand of the bag  is XOXO. I like the studs at the top and the crinkling in the middle of the purse. 

  • Coupon Folder-If you clip coupons this is good to have in your purse.This keeps your coupons organized and in one place. It is also small enough to fit in your purse. I purchased it at Target in the dollar section. I love that section. :)
  •  Pen- I always have a pen handy to jot things down.
  • Ipod Touch- Well you know where you can purchase 
  • My Pink Feax leather wallet. I bought it at a local clothing shop where I live. You can never go wrong with pink ;)
  • Victoria Secret Lotion in the scent Pure Seduction - I always have a fruity smelling lotion in my bag.This smells fantastic :)
  • My two Eos Lip Balms.-I always have to have something to moisturize my lips. You can't go in public with chapped lips. 
  • Orbit and Eclipse gum. You can never have too much gum in your purse. I prefer the minty gums.
  • Scented oil-My hubby bought this for me. Sometimes I prefer oils over perfumes. I think oils last longer.
  • My phone- Can't leave home without it.
  • Nyx Matte Foundation Powder in Medium- This powder foundation keeps my face looking like a grease ball and has decent coverage :)
  • A beautiful hijab pin my hubby got for me. I always have to have extra pins around just in case a hijab(head scarve) malfunction occurs :)
  • Elmo baby rattle-You may be thinking what am I doing with a baby rattle? Welp when your a mother,you have random things from your children in your purse lol.
  • Nivea hand cream-I love this stuff. Really makes my hands feel moisturized and soft.
  • My small gold makeup bag from Coastal Scents.I usually carry a bigger one ,but I wanted to keep my purse feeling light.
   Well I hope you enjoyed my What's In My Purse blog post.Have a great weekend everyone! See you in next time Ox


  1. Lol if I did this post you guys will be shocked as to what I have in my purse. I have a huge purse.

  2. LOL I love these posts and whats in my purse videos. I laughed at Elmo, definitely a mom thing (I'm not a mom yet) I always have my eos with me too.

    1. hehe when you become a mom you will always find random things from your kids lol. Yea i love the Eos lipbalms and I like the packaging so unique.

  3. I have the EOS lipbalm too. Aren't they amazing!
    And I love your goodies.

    1. Yea i love those Balms :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. you have a pretty bag.. I agree with you, cant been seen with chapped lips. :) victoria's secret has the best fruit smelling lotions. yum! seeing this makes me wanna do a whats in my purse! found your blog from a blog hop. now following you!

  5. Hi hun, Thanks for the follow. Yea you should totally do a whats in my purse. its fun and i enjoy reading posts like that.. Thanks for stopping by :)


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