Friday, January 8, 2016

Brown and Black Smokey Eye Ft. Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette

     Attempting to do a smokey eye can be a little intimidating. If you put too much black and bring it too high up and applying too much black eyeshadow below the lash line can make you look like a panda. One of the tricks to achieving a successful smokey eye is blending and gradually building up color instead of applying a heavy hand at the first try. I hardly ever do smokey eyes, but lately I have been practicing and loving how it looks. There are many variations of smokey eyes. You can do a heavy or a soft smokey eye and it is not limited in color either. Smokey eyes can range from black, purple, brown, bronze and so on. I hope you like how it came out and enjoy the pictorial. :)


1. For the first primer I used Urban Decay Primer potion for all over the eyes from lid to brow bone. When it was time to do my lid area I applied the nyx jumbo eye pencil in black and then applied the black eyeshadow for intensity of color so that it would not fade.

2. For the crease I used the red brown color and applied it in wind shield wiper motions. Blend.
3. I took the ivory color and applied it to my brow bone. Blend.
4. In the inner crease I used the mud brown color. Blend. If blending faded the color a bit add more until you get the intensity you want.
5. First, I applied nyx jumbo eye pencil in black on my lid and then took the black eyeshadow and patted it onto my lid. I applied about a layer or two of the eyeshadow. Once I did that I carefully blended the black upward toward the crease  making sure I didn't go too high up.
6. I took the same black eyeshadow and applied to my outer corner of my eye to increase the intensity of the look. Blend. I added some more of the black color and blended it again. It really is up to you how intense you want your smokey eye to be. 
7. Add a matte liquid or gel liner to the lid. I know it won't show much on my black eyeshadow, but I still wanted to add a wing to my makeup look for that extra glam. :)
8. Curl lashes and add black mascara.
9. Add black eyeliner to your water line.
10. First I took the dirt brown color and applied it below the lash line . Then I took the black eyeshadow and only added to the outer corner below the lash line. Blend to diffuse the color.
11. I used the cream color eyeshadow and applied it to my inner tear duct.
12. Add mascara to your bottom lashes.

Look complete!

*Finished Look*

 Using the brown instead of using the typical grey and black for a smokey eye was a nice contrast of colors. It also made my brown eyes pop. I really liked how it came out and I will be experimenting with more smokey looks ranging in different colors.

Hope you enjoyed this pictorial and see you guys in my next blog post.

Review of the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Eye Palette coming soon!

Maryam ox

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