Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Golden Sunset Makeup Ft. ColourPop Super Shock Shadows


      Hey guys! The winter cold has finally hit us east coasters and I thought I would warm things up a bit by creating a warm makeup look. To achieve this look I used the colourpop super shock eyeshadows.  They are amazing! I hope to have a review on them in the coming week. Hope you enjoy this pictorial and give this look a try. :)


1. Prime the eye with an eye primer.
*To work with these shadows it is best to use a synthetic brush for better color application.*
2. In the crease I used the color burnt brown color in windshield wiper motions. Blend.
3. I took a cream tone color eyeshadow and applied it to the brown bone. 
4. Next, I applied the dark brown in the outer crease to darken it up just a bit. Blend.
5. On the lid I used the golden color and patted in the lid. 
6 Apply black gel or liquid mascara.
7. Curl Lashes and apply mascara. If you use falsies now is the time to apply them.
8. Apply black eyeliner to your waterline.
9. I took the same dark brown that I used in the crease and applied it below the lower lash line to smoke up the bottom a bit. Blend.
10. For the inner tear duct I used the white gold color.
11. Finally apply mascara to your lower lashes.

Look Complete!

You can never go wrong with gold and burnt brown eyeshadows as a nice warm neutral look. I have done this look a few times and I love it! I will be definitely be rocking this look a lot in the spring and summer months.

Colorpop Eyeshadows: 
Innser Crease -Central Perk
Tear Duct- I Love this
Lid- La La 

Hope you enjoyed this pictorial!

Maryam ox


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